January 2015 Future Forecast

The energy of entering into a new year is always powerfully influential, and for most humans, filled with anticipation, excitement and the promise of change.

For January 2015 in addition to the expectations or hopes of opportunity and reward there is an undercurrent of impatience combined with the long awaited shifts many have been preparing for. Following on the heels of a month of instability and unexpected bouts of chaos, January stands out in the Universal or Collective energy to pursue new destinations, paths and shifts with a strong sense of urgency. For many of us the past year although spiritually profound and provocative; it has proven to be challenging and filled with major or significant changes in all areas of our personal lives.

By: Maya Moon

By: Maya Moon

So my guides share their insight on the potential for this vivacious month and offer guidance on avoiding possible obstacles or “roadblocks”. We will look at the Universal lesson or energy, weather patterns, relationships and career and financial influences. Just an interesting side note here; while the prior holiday season is generally associated with some chaos in the rush to prepare for traditions and celebrations; December 2014 was actually rather sluggish and the general energy emitted from Divine or Universe was often perceived as feelings of being scattered, ill-prepared and in some cases just the feeling of being detached from the more traditional feelings of connections. So January more than makes up for the lack of motivation felt or the inability for many to finish tasks, solidify changes, plans and renew our spiritual trinity.

1) The Universal influences and energies; we are quickly shifted into action and filled with a strong urgency to accomplish what has been set aside. Our lesson is per se is to take actions without being reckless. Balancing our lives both personal and spiritually is the “unchanged” factor and remains true in January. However as we are constantly urged to move forward, to put into action intentions left behind or set aside. We all seem to feel the pressure of not missing out on opportunities or our potential and it’s certainly a strong lesson and influence of moving quickly and creatively into the embrace of this new month, New Year.

2) Relationships and social opportunities; for those already connected in healthy and functional relationships, there is little risk for miscommunication, pressure or misunderstandings. Harmony seems to advance quickly and any reunifications are achieved with ease and rapid compromises. In general social networking is a bit fast and furious. Those still seeking to find a partner or soul-mate will find themselvescouple-235664_1280 surrounded by a myriad of energies (other humans) and waves of invitations, functions and the potential whether friendships or romance seem to be non-stop and ever present. For those that recognize the need for release, especially romantic partners but all relationships apply; January gives offers us the strength and determination needed to finally sever ties. In situations where release, letting go or exiting those dysfunctional relationships seemed impossible to accomplish January brings almost instant relief. Past attachments or fears that prevented us from moving on are suddenly cleared and January is perhaps one of the best or highest months in allowing us to reclaim our personal life and highest good by exiting toxic relationships. The strong urgency January brings should be heeded and those that deny or block their recognized need to exit will find anxiety, stress and constant interruptions if unable to move with the flow.

2) Weather patterns and outlook; while my guides predicted the year as a whole as being globally warmer,montestrutto-190471_1280 January seems to contradict that as we cycle from above average to intense cold weather patterns even in tropical climates/countries. Because the Universal energy is that of urgency, the potential for small but strong storms will be reflected this month, with many areas being hit with snow, ice and rain. These weather patterns will move extremely fast across the regions and although some will be fairly significant, because they move at such a fast pace, they will be unable to develop into major storms or linger for long. All weather systems in January will come in short bursts of either strong storm systems cycling with warm and unusual patterns. The majority may be miscalculated by meteorologists as they remain perplexed at the fast moving shifts that occur.

3) Finances, economy and careers; While December (and perhaps prior months) may have seemed to be at a standstill, January sets again this fast paced and abundance of opportunity. The economy will grow and expand and while economic growth may not remain stable, for January the energy suggests growth, revenues and great success for businesses and global economy including investments and stock market. Those that are seeking career changes will find opportunities in all directions and the obstacle will be factored around making choices rather than having little or no opportunities. Because there is such abundance throughout this month, the warning is to be cautious in career shifts and changes and to guard against accepting positions for fear of being without. It’s important for our general lessons this year and our personal spiritual growth to remain strongly connected to our highest self, so that any decision or shift is based on moving towards our goals and not simply “settling”. Let these powerful and fast moving energies work for you as now is the time to be choosy not desperate.

Wishing all a wonderful New Year and all your dreams, goals and desires are realized. Be sure to take advantage of the rush of energy and the pace that can assist us in making better choices and acting out needed shifts and changes. You may have that feeling of “are we there yet” and the answer lies within YOUR power to manifest and create the highest outcome.

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Chat Now With: Maya Moon

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