January Spiritual Guidance – Embracing the Spiritual Plunge

Accepting What’s Done is Done


January rises like a tidal wave, carrying the spiritual message upon the crest and rushing towards land to deliver our lesson. Although a turbulent and powerful month of transition for many, the healing begins and we must ride the “waves” and find our inner balance.


Universal Energies and Lesson

As this year is to be one of profound unity and learning or relearning, January hits hard. For those that have been able to embrace this new awareness, especially towards the collective, it seems not such a difficult task. But just as a novice surfer would likely not “catch a wave” when they are cresting in excess of 12′ or higher, those unprepared may just have to be tossed and tumbled. Either way the path is set or the journey begins in January, 2017.


We learn to let go with compassion, dignity and honor

and jump into our lives’ with full creative rights.


This month the energy is potent and offers us the chance to heal all wounds, join the spiritual battle of surrendering to our highest good, and be a part of the collective energy. For those that may rebel and attempt independence of heart or spirit, there will be a loss that will be carried throughout the year.


While there is always that which cannot be changed in life,

there must exist that which MUST be changed,

and January is full of changes.



Love and Relationships

Although the year in general focuses on love in a general or in a humanitarian way, romantic love seems to be everywhere. January will be filled with unexpected engagements, marriages (even those that slip off and elope) and what seem to be chance meetings that introduce us to a soul mate and/or life partner.


As we are beginning to vibrate in a higher and more empathic level, love surrounds us and the potential to meet that special “one” could not be higher. We should also expect that lost love or those torn apart or separated by that beyond their control will be given their second chance. So there will be for many the return of old flames, past loves and all with quietly serene and romantic endings.


For most of us, we just can’t seem to go wrong as we move into love, both in joining towards the collective and in our personal path and journey. Our lesson in love is to accept and acknowledge that the benefits always outweigh the risks, and love awaits those that are ready and willing to plunge ahead for the sake of love in all of its forms.


January Spiritual Guidance


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Jobs, Business, Real Estate and Economy

For many, January will be the start of a new career or job search, and there will be an abundance for those that are deserved. While last month (as is typical) finds most companies or organizations too distracted by the holidays to make changes that are not absolutely essential, January is the opposite.


Change and renewal is rampant among companies large and small

and the timing could not be better for

changes, promotions and even major career shifts.


Those in business will be off to a running start and existing business should thrive and find their niche this January. The economy is influenced by several key factors, and will be up and down for the majority of the month. As we are healing spiritually, our economy is working to overcome the imbalances we felt all last year and so there exists an energy of almost trial and error.


Pricing fluctuates and the universe struggles to find alignment that can be consistent and constant. The housing market will also be fluctuating for most of this month. In the more popular or in demand areas prices may remain higher than the worth or value. In other areas of the U.S. and other countries, rural and raw property drops, so this may be a good month for investment or for hobby farmers or agricultural businesses.


Those selling may need to adjust their price, as the competition remains strong keeping January more a “buyers” market than a seller’s.  All in all, January offers for most a chance for prosperity and abundance and the Divine timing to follow our career dreams or inner visions.



Politics, Government and Leaders

As the U.S. seals the presidency after months of startling, revealing and often unscrupulous campaigning, peace finally descends. It may be towards the end before we feel that peace collectively and universally but it is the warm blanket that all of humanity craves.


There is influence, globally, from the U.S. and then towards the U.S. as well. January only begins the process and there will be some conflict as countries all gather around fearful but hopeful of potential shifts or changes. Around the world, leaders will feel that changes are coming and the people become intolerant of selfish politics as we spiritually rise to a higher state of being.


Politics, governments and leaders all either join the people

FOR the people, or prepare for a spiritual mutiny.

And January is only the beginning of what lies ahead!



Weather Patterns and Trends

January feels to be a month of slight excess in most regions, most specifically those south of the Northern hemisphere. Although climates and seasons vary by region, the cold will be slightly colder and invariably wet with potential snow, sleet, rain and ice. Those in the warmer climates or seasons will experience a bit warmer than normal.


And as always my guides show our weather patterns or trends to be a reflection of our spiritual lessons and messages. We do show some instability for January, however, most will be in the form of inconsistent temperatures with a high probability of storms from above, so mainly snow, sleet, rain, storms and even ice.


In North America, the southern tip of the U.S. and the borders of both Canada and America, one possibly even 2 major storms may hit. Not that uncommon for our winter season, but strong enough systems to likely make national headlines.



Security and Threats

Globally, we have all been in waiting for the next insidious attack. As my guides first shared, although these attacks are certainly physical and literal, they are deeply traumatizing to all as well. Beneath this is a spiritual battle as close to good versus evil as exists.


We can only find comfort in keeping our faith

that good always overcomes evil.


Also January will begin a new and more powerful unity among all countries and cultures to unite and share information regarding those responsible. It does feel that a strike is possible, perhaps even likely and from what I am shown if this is successful this month it will involve the sky, airlines, jets or other types of airborne travel. And this is not to frighten those traveling, but to issue caution for those that may feel hesitant for any reason. Follow your instincts as we are very spiritually connected in January.



Media/Press/Shared Information

January 2017 will begin a trend based on our collective energies and universal message and lessons. The media will return to higher intentions that serve all, rather than cater to a particular group or set of values. We also are moved into a much more open and enlightening period of what has been kept from the public. We will see this especially in North America, but all countries will be moving towards the trend of a much more transparent government, so the media has plenty of information that affects us in a variety of ways.


For the U.S., those that took the cameras and microphones as their personal podium to preach or attempt to manipulate the general public to a private agenda will not be tolerated. We will return to a less biased and more sensitive reporting of ALL news worthy information and facts rather than opinions.


There have been some recent scandals involving a very well-known religious organization and in January, we will see a surprising number of well-known persons step forward. From the entertainment industry to medical or Nobel Prize winning artists, many will be in disbelief at what is shared. So the transparency and purging begins as we move forward.



As we move forward

January is a strong month, with strong energy and a powerful message of love and endurance. We are learning to embrace what is truth and to release or let go of all that cannot serve us in creating harmony and balance from within.


All that we give is returned, and the collective energy is the focus

as well as love and learning compassion, tolerance and patience.


Although strong and swift influences, we are ready and to some degree spiritually starving for change, and changes from within and externally as well. It is not a month for the timid or weary; it is a time to “soldier up” and fight for our humanity and the universal message of love and light we all deserve to be, and to return.



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