January Spiritual Guidance

A Preponderance of Potential: The Awakening Begins

January is typically considered by many to be a month symbolic of new beginnings, changes and a chance to “start over”. For January 2016 also, the universal energy, message and lessons are literally surrounded and focused on shift and change. We step lively into the first month with supportive ambition to follow the call or song in our hearts towards incredible spiritual awareness.

Above and beyond our individual goals often referred to as our “New Year’s Resolutions” exists a more primal and instinctual energy that guides us towards the highest of spiritual connection.

For some, it shall be as though seeing the universe in its light and potential for the first time. There is a great shift engaging all humans, igniting the cord to not only self-awareness but also to the collective (the perception that we are as one). This shift also brings strength, grace and awareness of the Divine – the creator, source and spiritual light. As we transition into this higher vibration, our intentions slide into manifestation and we begin to view life via the greater good. We are being shifted into the awareness of the interconnections and our urge to give, understand and recognize becomes foremost within our journey.


Universal Messages and Lessons~ The Awakening Has Begun ~

As we continue to transition on our personal journey or path and work towards various goals or desired outcomes, the universal energy becomes a constant companion and source of encouragement. January becomes essential and vital in the potential for awareness and embracing the connection to our spiritual core. Brotherhood, acceptance and gratitude for the power of the unity are key to each personal achievement and often the catalyst for creating or carving our paths. As we follow and seek the inclination to give, to become concerned with the true greater good of humanity, what we give or even access to intention is returned, creating potential and possibility without limits or external boundaries.

Love and Relationships

This month, above all, specific encounters grow the Divine and collective love, as we begin to see and feel the equality in all spiritual beings. It becomes a mirror to the soul, but rather than limited to self-reflection, we see among the looking glass the connection or even the likeness or common identity via our spiritual core. Those still exiting from dysfunction or toxic relationships will become strengthened by the collective, forgiving in order to release and no longer bogged down by fear or trepidation.

Newly formed relationships will rise in harmony and balance, while there remains an abundance of opportunity for meeting soul mates and life partners


Chance meetings and unusual encounters will also dominate romance. We continue to see a great number of reunifications and past relationships returning with a much higher outcome. Love in its simplicity, ease and grace, permeates all relationships, and those with prior struggles due to external forces or circumstances will find all such challenges eliminated or easily overcome. Love certainly rules the heart in January and extends from personal relationships to the desire to reach out to those that appear to need comfort and/or companionship.

Weather Patterns and Forecasts

On the heels of this chaotic December with major shifts from one extreme to another, we finally welcome a bit of stability. As we view the weather as directly connected to our spiritual self, January brings more traditional or expected patterns and weather indigenous for each location. It feels to be slightly wetter in the form of rain, snow and ice, but most storms move quickly in and out alleviating a great deal of what created major disruptions in prior months/years. And with the strong collective in general, humans become inclined to look beyond potential frustrations and focus on lending support and assistance. And in contrast to many forecasts, meteorologists seem quite reliable and accurate in predicted events.

Economy, Career and Jobs9

Traditionally a month that is known for opportunities, this January certainly does not disappoint. The economy has maintained strength and will continue to expand and offer consistency. Data from retailers should produce a higher yield or holiday sales, which influence the continued economic growth. The opportunities and potential for career changes and shifts remains high. Many will consider and choose to pursue different types of work or even make significant career path changes in following their higher purpose and path. All that is relevant, related and resulting from our spiritual enlightenment in all three divisions will find significant chances and a clear runway for change. It is also to key to note that many new opportunities (just as with romance) will come from surprising or unlikely sources, so it’s important to share our newfound goals, intentions in manifesting these into actual or real changes.

Politics, leaders, government, influential groups and the media

As many countries are entering into election years, politics and issues of concern become the focus almost seemingly from January 1. While those campaigning seem stuck in focusing on a myriad of problems and every candidate appears to have a different view or solution, again our connection to the greater good of the collective with the blessing and power of Divine make most of us difficult to impress.

Our natural intuition is high. Many that remained or chose to exclude themselves from the “front lines” become empowered with the notion that each of us counts and any one person can make a difference.

There will be greater attention given to both those in office and the “competition,” but with a much higher expectation of accountability and what truly does serve the greater good. Due to such widespread coverage spanning several continents, the media begins coverage as though competing for the audience in whatever way appears successful. However, as we move into January, many of those behind the scenes or production and creative directors will find they too are being shifted into this higher state of energy. Those in power will become forced to be accountable without the ability for distracting, and reporting will be moving into a more stable energy, presenting what needs to be learned rather than what receives attention for the sake of attention.

Security and The Current State of Global Threats

The current terrorist group will begin their slow rise to power, and expect to see at least one, possibly more displays of this insidious energy. While we are not quite close enough to stop or prevent further “hits,” remember that this is a spiritual battle or warfare.

The stronger we unite together, as a collective energy and intention, the greater our success and ending the reign of terror.

Unity and our connection to Divine (source/creator) empower the people with that which are stronger than any weapon, and also allow the unification on a global scale. Enemies (countries) become allies and neutrality is replaced with powerful action and consistent and unrelenting intention. Although January will not become the end of our mission, it will, however, become the beginning of some of the most powerful energies seen in our lifetime. And as this unity grows and engages all in spirit, that which represents love, faith and hope is a force that will never be overtaken. The outcome exists and this experience will forever change our gratitude, grace and the appreciation that rebounds to all involved in elimination of such threats.


Final Thoughts

January 2016 is full of promise, potential, hope and faith. And not only do we enter into the highest spiritual vibration but the results, rewards and the internal and external light becomes almost immediately visible. The preponderance certainly takes hold, and as we become awakened we are literally filled with the joy of faith and the abundance of hope, finding and embracing our true self and uniting with all that is, for the journey towards all that shall be.

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  • Beautifully written. I just found out today my husband is cheating on me so I am moving forward into 2016 with hope and faith that all turns out for my highest good.

    • Hello Lilybelly,

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  • 2015 was generally a year with absolutely no success in my life, all im praying is begin this year as if im a new born baby; i pray to get a good dignified job and i pray for all the blessings from God

  • Yellow Kasamba.

    Actually since May /2014, I entered in difficulties till now. It is all about my own life,family, job & finances. And now we entered 2016. How will you assist me in order to grab opportunities.


    • Hello Francis,

      We are wishing you the best for the year 2016 in your own life, your family, your job, and finances. If you want a psychic’s advice on how to grab opportunities for this upcoming year, we are waiting by to help you. Kasamba is committed to helping you find the right psychic so we offer the first 3 minutes free for an unlimited number of sessions in order for you to find the best match.

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