~Journey or Destination~ April 2014 Predictions

Chat with Maya Moon D,DivAuthor: Maya Moon D, Div.

My guides have been preparing me for the strong energy vibrations that they show will rule during the month of April. There definitely seems to be some crossover influences from March, however the Universal message for this month will be quite powerful and depending on our unique life choice(s), we will either be receiving abundance and limitless opportunities in every area of life; or we will disconnect with our Spiritual energy and literally miss what lies within our grasp. Weather patterns finally begin to stabilize and return to a more normal pattern, with some slight chances for a reversal that is a bit too opposite. The focus for April lies in our perception of the “now” and seems to indicate more emphasis on jobs, career, moves and major life changes, as opposed to the strong relationship emphasis we felt in March.

  1. Because there are such strong Universal energies urging us to move, once again politics, government and media rise up and we are blasted by the media reporting dis-chord and dissention.
  2. Weather patterns stabilize with low to moderate risk for destructive storms, however I am also shown that some areas will actually move to a reversal that may have some impacts.
  3. As a resident of the US, my guides often pay particular attention to my homeland, however they warn that towards mid to late April there will be strong reports of civil unrest with intentions of war or terrorism, spurning global reaction from other united Countries.
  4. My guides also remind us that we are still influenced by the Karmic lessons needed to bring us to our full Spiritual awareness and these influences while being spread throughout the year, will be in full force for April. We will all be presented with the potential for numerous opportunities, however we are also warned that disconnection from our purpose and destiny will be a major obstacle for some.
  5. There also feels to be some type of crisis that involves agriculture and/or production, manufacturing and processing of consumer food products.  The media plays once again an influential and often conflicting influence on April’s collective energy and conscious. Because my guides are predicting two very potent and extremely Universally affective events, there may feel like there is no escape from this somewhat negative coverage. Because the media in all forms consists of humans, they too are subject to the individual and collective emphasis on abundant opportunities and choosing the journey or destination. My guides do feel that at least in part some of what is shared is important and accurate information, however the tendency for extremes are worth mentioning as not all information will be totally accurate and/or reliable. Once again we need to use our common sense and inner guidance before taking action based on coverage and supposed “reports”.

April can be an extremely abundant and opportunistic month, however it can also be a stagnant and difficult period for those of us that only focus on outcomes, and allow anxiety to steal the day to day moments. Understanding and embracing the journey, which represents the now, the present and the near future takes precedence over the final destination and decisions which bypass our needs, desires and goals for now, and only serve our long term future. This is or can be a huge block and one we all need to remind ourselves of. Because April’s Universal influence and lesson is highlighted around careers, jobs, changes and shifts in our work situations a good analogy would be as follows; if an opportunity for change, promotion or a shift is presented, make your personal decision based on your intrinsic, monetary and personal needs for now and even if such a change shows to be extremely beneficial for the present and near future, move forward. Try to avoid being caught up in long term or far reaching goals during this month as it will only lead to missed opportunities and unresolved conflicts. By embracing the actual journey and living fully in the moment, we become free to make healthy choices and elevate your current situations; ultimately we/you will be securing our long term future. So it becomes a matter of faith, and for those that seem unable or incapable of letting go for the moment of a 5 or 10 year goal based plan, you will find yourself feeling trapped, isolated and unable to embrace the gifts (opportunities) presented for our highest good.

Weather patterns will return to a more normal state for most of the world, however there does appear to be some risk for the opposite extreme; so those that have suffered with unprecedented cold and storms not noted for their specific climate, may find temperatures higher or warmer than normal. In terms of our weather, although stability does seem to be the overall pattern, seasonal changes will come swift and strong, with many areas missing those medians, such as spring or fall.

Civil unrest, although I have not been shown a specific location, I am told this will be from an unexpected source and from a country that has in a sense, “flown under the radar”. I am assured by my guides that the Karmic implications and Universal goal will be successful in reuniting lost allies and forming new alliances that will aid the country as a whole. I am also shown this to be more of a shock factor and a needed reminder for brotherhood among nations, as opposed to a full scale war or devastating attack. The media again is shown to be significant, but temperance and good judgment is needed to avoid unnecessary fears.

Agriculture, food, inspections and related elements; once again we have globally become somewhat complacent as humans, collectively and we will be presented with information that will affect our relationship with food. This feels to have a global impact, with significance on the US and those who do trade with third world countries. Information will be obtained and released which relates to low standards and unacceptable conditions. Aside from some minor label changes that have already made headlines, this event is actually very important and the positive aftermath is each of us being more responsible for what we consume, and demanding higher standards in each of our countries. My guides have always shown me that food handling and processing was spiraling downward and there is some relationship to export and import. Again there is actually a very positive side, as the true farmer once again becomes an integral part of our nations and we begin moving to a higher state of energy or vibration in understanding the correlation between body, mind and spirit.

Although some of what has been shared may seem frightening or difficult to believe, remember that our God, Creator, Source and Universe constantly strives to raise our consciousness and elevate our well-being, allowing us to reap the magnificent rewards and endless opportunities our planet supplies. It is often necessary for positive enlightenment and change to occur that we receive or are “awakened” with profound or significant awareness.

All that I am shown is truly moving humanity to her rightful throne as spiritual beings living physical lives on earth.

April is a busy month and we are encouraged to count the journey, to absorb and embrace each step and for the moment at least to let go of our tight grip on the “destination”. If we can navigate this month moment to moment or day to day, rather than placing our lives too far ahead, and avoid tunnel vision for that final destination; we will then find abundance in opportunities, and strong spiritual growth and development. Sometimes the best way to reach a desired destination is to travel light, embracing joyfully your new awareness. I wish all of you a successful and abundant journey, and that my friends, should be our destination for April~

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