July Spiritual Guidance- A Challenge of Flow and Grace


After an active June in which we managed to create what we wanted while accepting fate, our universal lesson and the collective message in July is that the journey continues as we strive to balance and align with all things. For balance to transcend, it must change or shift our being, world or path. For unity to descend we must be able to take on lessons from the past, embrace the moment yet remember that the future is never far from sight. It may sound easy or the natural way of nature, but when it comes to humans, it becomes a challenge of flow and grace.

A Challenge of Flow and Grace

Universal Lesson and Message

Finding the spiritual “sweet spot” between the past, present and future.

July seems to kick things up a notch, as we again feel or become animated with the incentive to move, shift, and change or even discover that which has been set aside. While prior months had their priorities, July is a bit of the culmination of our spiritual lessons, messages and energy thus far this year. Just as the past, present and future are balanced, so are the intricate and delicate energies within, as we move in tune to our own song. So that, as unity descends balance transcends, where that “sweet spot” is found and clung to. Unity is achieved by the acceptance of all things and the faith that compels us to believe.


Love and Relationships

With unity playing such a vital role in July, it only makes sense that bonds become stronger and connections deeper. For many relationships that have been stagnant or a holding pattern, expect things to suddenly take flight.


July is a busy month for weddings, engagements, partners committing and taking that “next step,” wherever your relationship may be resting.


We do have to keep our balance, however, and be aware, when it comes to that which is in the past. July’s energies are not in harmony with reunification in romance, as many of these ended for the greater good. It is, however, a social month no matter the weather, there will be opportunities and the potential for meeting others. Family relationships and those with friends also shine with a greater sense of gratitude, as we move into acceptance and remember to avoid conflicts that are simply unnecessary.


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Jobs, Career, Business and Economy

Because we are so focused on unity and balance, new jobs, promotions and careers may appear limited. Keep in mind this is again for the future or greater good, and only those jobs that are aligned with our present and future will be presented or even perhaps appear. Those with new businesses or existing will need to watch all sides closely to make sure there is unity within, so there can be balance throughout.

Although the economy remains fairly stable and strong for most countries, we should see some flexible shifts and even the market place seems to find that higher place of equality or unity. The real estate market may show the biggest shift, at least temporarily, as it has been rather “soft” but now balloons a bit again in an effort to reach that place of balance. It is a better time to sell than to buy, but the right deals can be found for those that are willing to put in the time and effort.


July Spiritual Guidance

Weather Patterns and Trends

With July seeking unity, all forms of Mother Nature will work in a harmonious pattern or lead towards that desired balance. We saw this pattern earlier in 2016 – where it was rain and floods became dry and unseasonably hot. In order to achieve balance, the weather may produce a bit of chaos, but this is again a reflection of our lives and universal message. We won’t see a significant switch from much of what June produced in various weather patterns of alternating elements.

It does feel that the U.S. or Canada could be hit with a fairly significant weather event that feels more to be at the core or deep shifting (volcanic, earthquakes) than air or wind. Fire may also be a possible danger resulting from both human or environmental influences and the various dry heat or even lighting strikes. What seems to be most influential is heat, warmth and the attempts to “dry out” the sodden plains.


Politics, Government, World Leaders, and the Media

July continues to see a lot of dissention among both existing leaders and those on the “campaign” or election trail. Although we should see a rather essential sense of unity in several countries, it may not fully be felt and/or seen until closer to mid-month.

Security remains a threat but again we must accept what we cannot change and be cautious that we do not allow bias or prejudice to mar our judgment and spiritual enlightenment. Although the lessons and energy are collective, in the U.S. as the upcoming election has been extremely significant, finally balance and peace will descend as unity takes the wheel.

We have not seen the last of the terrorists, but again not only is this a spiritual warfare as much as, literally speaking, we must fight against the pull to objectify, label or classify the innocents for the guilty. The evil force is not born of the light and we must guard against critical judgments and terrifying religious assumptions. We see our blessed holy land, Israel, bearing the unfair burden of the recent hesitancy for allies to step in. However, July finally transcends with unity and shield in hand.


July brings forth the useful lessons of the past by releasing the toxic or unnecessary. It becomes a powerful month of inner and external unity that brings a true balance and alignment that frames the spirit or soul, and from sky to sea.

For those able to master the spiritual tightrope of embracing the now without total exclusion of either past or future, that “sweet spot” is found, and life can be very good indeed. 

We must guard against assumptive reasoning or allowing emotions to create boundaries rather than opportunities. For those that embrace self, neighbor, friend and the collective, July will be a splendid month of quality and memories made to last a lifetime.


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