June 2015 Monthly Guidance – The steeper the climb, the better the view

June seems to suddenly appear after the chaos we have all felt from a turbulent May (See my May Monthly Guidance for more details). While Mercury is Retrograde until June 11th. The more positive energy of the universe can and will overcome our blocks or obstacles, but we must lead the way.

Even the first week of June we are able or the potential exists to feel a release of the past chaotic energies. While it may be true that many of us are still seeking solid ground, there is an expectation of reward and the promise of hope in each sunrise. June is a highly spiritual month that truly awaits with abundance and many desires or that which has been envisioned received.  The Universal lesson we are asked to accept and hopefully embrace is that while the road may have been steep and continues to be a bit of a challenge, those with faith and conviction can reach the top where the “view” is simply symbolic for all that we may be granted, all the serves our personal and greater good. It is within our power and control to make this journey and the strong universal energy help us to take those difficult steps as each step is our choice or right to wait below (the past) or continue upwards to where all of the shifts, wrong turns and mistakes can be left behind. There is an abundance of potential for renewed or new relationships for those that are able and willing to release the past and again the theme is making choices and most important the awareness of the many choices we have. The economy also joins us in the climb upward and while there may be a rise in consumer prices; the balance comes in the form of abundance with careers, jobs and new businesses.

Chat with Maya Moon D,Div

Chat with Maya Moon

As my guides teach that our weather patterns are parallel to our Collective or Universal lessons and messages, we find June to be a much more stable month. Just as we are climbing upward with emphasis on finding solid ground, such is true with all or most weather patterns. For most of us we will experience a return to the expected or more “normal” range of weather systems, whatever is usual and expected for our specific area. The media seems to almost take advantage of our personal spiritual energies as it pounds away at us in recruitment for elections, selections and political acceptance or active change. June is a powerful month in terms of reuniting with our own spiritual being and learning we make the choice on how we view self and the world and that view like a mirror is reflected back with urgings to redefine self and perception in a much more positive view. The potential for being left behind is encapsulated by those that are not able to fully embrace and recognize that we have held the key that leads us to that amazing view. Now more than ever this year, our choices not just in our day to day but in our view of self. Of how we play a vital role in this universe and the power within is again, our choice. So while at first glance the “mountain” may seem insurmountable in truth it is much closer than we realize and as all journeys begins with one step.

1) Our Universal potential

We should be quite accustomed to changes, shifts and the unexpected. The past few months have made this abundantly clear. However June does offer redemption and the infinite abundance to follow whatever our true path or purpose feels to be. While the past month or so has or may have left us feeling like victims with no hope of salvation or recovery.  June allows us all as equals to reach the higher spiritual state of being. All that has been stressful and/or distressful is finally understood to be our choice and as such can be changed. It all begins and ends with our true and highest self and accepting our connection to all that exists. Should we become frozen at the foot of the mountain (symbolic of our journey towards our personal desires or goals) we will find ourselves scrambling for balance and harmony. However for those that can connect to this spiritually charged month/time, we can put out our hand and be helped up and on to the amazing future that is promised to all. It must be noted that each step or those that do not begin the new journey, is truly our CHOICE and it becomes somewhat of an enlightened journey for those that are able to finally resonate with their own self and the power within and through the Divine of all things.

2) Weather patterns and trends

clouds-429228_1280While the majority of us have borne witness to the unpredictability of weather, June offers quite the reprieve as most of us globally are returned to a more constant, expected and predictable weather forecasts. Those that track storms, such as meteorologists may seem to be more on target. As we are reminded once again of the relevance of weather shifts and universal lessons and purpose, we are given a chance to realign and Mother Nature seems milder and more willing to cooperate. Although that is not to say none will experience some variations especially the first 15 days of June. All in all the weather is quite predictable allowing us to focus on our climb to the top.


3) Love, relationships and attracting soul mates

The focus of June is choice and within that choice or choices is the potential to reunite and/or renew healthy relationships. This is a great time of abundance, attraction and manifesting and those that are willing to begin the journey will be rewarded with love and lasting relationships. While the focus is on the romantic, life partners, soul mates and twin flames; all or most new or renewed relationships will be sanctified for those that have accepted their power (choices) and continue tohugging-570872_1280 move ahead. Just as an uphill or rocky climb requires balance and sure footing, negative, toxic or dysfunctional relationships will become more recognizable. Again it is quite important that we recognize that all that is and is to be is by our CHOICE. Whether we have chosen today, or we are lingering in the choices of yesterday. It becomes the profound lesson that we become accountable for all that we have achieved or been unable to release and all that awaits once we begin our journey.

For those existing within truly compatible relationships; whether romantic or other we find a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation. Just as June seems to help us to find that special person, it also seems to light up those that have formed and held tight to unhealthy attachments. And these will not withstand the universal energies at work. Should we choose to ignore all signs or warnings, we may find the climb to tomorrow and all that is promised within becomes further and further away. For those that can continue or renew faith and love of self, all that is within shall be manifested externally and each then has the ability to attract and unite with that which we deserve and desire; IF we can again resonate with the fact we have always had the choice to change or move on. June is a traditional month of weddings, but the greatest potential lies in those seeking their life partner, again so long as we walk forward and accept that the uphill journey is more than worth the phenomenal view (new relationships). We must first begin to love, forgive and accept self as once again my guides remind us that all things begin within. For those that seem unable or unwilling to let go of false views or perceptions, negative views based on experiences rather than intentions, the journey up the mountain will be a difficult one. June asks for our hand in faith and hope and whatever you connect to in terms of God, Universe, Divine or Creator, first we must believe in our true self and then we shall attract such back much like a boomerang.

3) Career paths/jobs, economy and new business ventures

As mentioned, the economy this month remains strong and abundant. This is quite a rewarding month especially for those beginning new business ventures or career path changes/jobs. The key to success in any or all things is to have the courage and faith to follow our true path. No matter how high the risk is perceived again we must place great emphasis on CHOICE and that choice is internal as much as external. June promises to grant abundance and prosperity to those that choose to walk tall and strong and disallow fear or negativity to block their path. Just as we may come upon a clearing as we stride up the mountain; while the top may still seem far out of reach, this is an illusion we CHOOSE to create and we can just as easily envision success, happiness and prosperity. For those that are looking for career changes even shifts that are in very different fields or option, again June is a key month full of positive influences if we allow ourselves to believe, have faith in self and keep walking. There is enough success to go around and so long as we are following our true path or purpose we shall not be disappointed nor “lost” along the way.


It is only those that cannot or choose not to follow the call that become or remain stuck or stranded so very far from what lies upward. Again it is said we must first acknowledge and show faith in self so that such can be returned to us both spiritually and in this earthly life. The focus should be on intrinsic, that which has always burned in our hearts and souls and the courage to follow such intention. The power of manifesting that which we desire is truly amazing. And as with all changes, there is some risk and sacrifice however we choose to believe if such will be worth the journey and according to my guides in June it certainly is. If you need career guidance then you are always welcome to join me for an online chat or call.

4) Politics, the governing and media;

Because we have the opportunity to be raised to such a higher spiritual place, or that of connecting to our inner source and that of the Divine. We are better equipped to disassociate with that which is meant to create chaos rather than inform. However my guides feel that while the media will be focused on governing entities, elections, politics and elections or those that have the power to rule. We are able if we attempt to discern that which is of importance versus again that which we cannot change. This is NOT meant to imply any complacency as June is a month of strong movement, choice and faith, however it does indicate that we as a collective with good grounding to separate what we need to know and that which is only meant to cause or create chaos.

June offers us the choice and the first choice we must make is to believe in self. With that faith, we can overcome fears and begin our trek up the mountain. We have the choice and abundant potential and opportunity for all things; be it love, friendships, career or new ventures. But we first choose to believe in self, which connects us to pure self-love, NOT selfishness because true love of self is always emitted to the universe and shared with all living beings. Although the climb may seem steep and difficult, it’s our own perception which actually defines such.

And if we make the journey, the view once at the top is incredible and filled with all we have worked so hard to manifest~

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