June Spiritual Guidance- Free Will Versus Fate

The Inspiration to Create

Free Will versus Fate


As we enter into June after the profound and dominant karmic energies of May, we are, in a sense, left with the fragments of what is our fate or destiny. Like pieces of a broken vase, we must carefully pick up those bits or pieces that can be salvaged and choose what to save and what to discard. And as we pick through the shards – metaphorically of course – we must be ever vigilant to the potential to cause harm, avoiding the sharp edges as we also search carefully not to miss what could later prove to be essential to the repair. Synchronicity remains close at hand, but equally alongside our free will, choice and the path which we create.

It is the ultimate spiritual cocktail: destiny and its potent partner free will. 

Our Universal Lesson and Message

June encompasses balance, and not just in the now, or our present sense of balance, but our ability to culminate all that we have been offered or shown thus far in 2016. We are not only entering a very strong month, but also one with the significance of the “halfway” mark.

In many respects the lesson and message is combined with our ability to see what was, but more importantly, what can or will be. Whatever mistakes or mishaps must be learned but not domineer over our potential or future. And the way in which we view what lies ahead or the possibilities is a direct and horizontal line (energy) to just what we can accomplish as we embrace the next 6 months.

Our balance is emphasized not just in the internal spiritual sense, but also in our capacity to accept that fate cannot always be changed, but that free will can change things. June becomes a bit of a conundrum, as just like the analogy of picking through the sharp bits of glass, we dissect our life, path, purpose and meaning without losing direction or allowing the bigger picture to slip past.

June becomes a month of the powerful and the passive, the accepting and the pursuit. We are warned to avoid total dependence on fate/destiny (the opposite of May) and making assumptions or perceptions of “meant to be” simply because the outcome is what we desire.

We also must use caution and control as we exercise our free will, seeking balance but avoiding the sole intention or purpose of only hedonistic pleasures.


Taking acceptable risks, making purposeful choices, embracing our destiny and creating our future with balance and inspiration. 

Love and Relationships

In contrast to the past 5 months, June is not quite as opportunistic in meeting a new life partner or soul mate. Instead we focus on uniting with self, learning to love and value our individuality and becoming prepared for romantic opportunities that lie ahead.

For those already committed and/or building established relationships, June encourages growth, communication and the ability to cement deep bonds. For alternative relationships such as friends, family and even co-workers, June carries a message of acceptance and curiosity, with the emphasis on lessons both taught and learned through close, personal relationships.

June is also a very social month and although we may not all meet the “one,” we certainly have plenty of chances to broaden our social network in preparation for such a meeting. June also can bring the lighter side of romance, with brief encounters, romantic flings and newly acquired friendships.


June Spiritual Guidance



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Career, Jobs, Economy and Business

With the perfect blend of fate and free will, career and promotional opportunities seem limitless. For those that might have felt stuck or unmotivated, changes surround the career and working world. So many companies will be creating new and exciting roles and expanding into many different venues.

June is a great month for not just promotions within but career changes and business start-ups. For those who have recently made shifts or changes around work or career, there is a fresh sense of motivation and the exchange of ideas that create very positive environments. Businesses built for or on our true purpose or path will see fast success and experience prosperity and abundance.

The economy continues to grow, and in June we see the beginning signs in most countries of wages rising above costs. For many of us we can once again begin saving or making long needed purchases. Financial stability abounds.


Weather Patterns and Forecasts

June should prove to be an interesting but potentially tumultuous month when it comes to weather patterns and attempts at accurate forecasts. Even at its best, weather predictions are difficult and June proves that sometimes even impossible. We fluctuate between the expected (for location and season) to the unexpected and between stability to warnings of almost every possible type.

Although my guides feel that June will offer a huge variety of Mother Nature’s powers, none feel to be totally devastating or as big of a threat as we have experienced over the last months. Because the weather reflects the universal energies and lessons, we see both human-created or influenced weather events and those which are simply destined to occur when atmospheric conditions are in control.

We should see a smattering of wind, rain, snow, tornados, and oceanic storms that blow onto the land as well as minor earthquakes and ripples of or movement from the earth’s core. In between, June is predicted to be rather “mild” so for those in winter temperatures, it should not be excessive and those beginning their spring or summer, moderation is key.


For June, expect the unexpected and prepare for all possibilities! 


Politics, Government, Leaders, Security and The Media

As a reminder, the US is currently in its presidential election year; therefore, much focus and emphasis is placed on candidates and polls. As my guides predicted for May, we finally begin to see unity and campaigns with much higher moral standards focusing on issues rather than scorn.

June continues to bring a calmer energy although this is still a highly coveted contest. There continues to be successful attempts at unity with nations, and we move towards the necessary protection of the promised land, Israel. We should expect to see more allies than foes, as we globally join forces for the good of all mankind.

Those that have attempted to plunder and tear apart their own countries, imposing impossible taxes or inhumane suffering, will not be allowed to reign much longer. Our spiritual battle is in full force and will bring down those that intend destruction just as we are feeling with the terrorists and militia groups.



June Spiritual Guidance


My guides feel that with stronger security and with a great number of revelations, we achieve a higher state of security globally, and bit by bit, essential information is revealed. The media continues to reach a higher state of being, with a more compassionate and responsible view that is visible in their reporting.

While there will always be the “rogue” when it comes to reporting, the collective does feel to be moving in a higher direction which truly serves the people. As predicted and witnessed in May, June will also hold changes and shifts within the circle of those known for their disclosure type reporting and undercover work.


Your June Takeaway


June offers a unique perspective and opportunities that are not always available. With help from past lessons, insights and influences, we enter and exit June with formidable strength, both individually and as a collective.


With the Divine always leading the way, June is a notable month where our inspiration is to create and we navigate the paths between what is our free will and what is simply fate.


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