~Keeping it simple, chaos and calm~ February 2014 Predictions

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“Keeping it simple, chaos and calm”

My guides have once again shared with me the upcoming Universal influences we can expect to feel and see in February. Being a shorter month, we appear to have a bit of a breather from some of the stronger shifts from past months, and a chance to “rest up” for some of the coming months.

  1. We continue to experience strong and swiftly changing weather patterns in the USA and other countries, especially Japan, China and other Asian areas.
  2. Our Universal lesson is learning to keep things simple, as we rotate from chaos to calm during February.
  3. The media will be very conflicting and confusing as significant reports from government and political entities seem to share contradictory information.
  4. Personal finances will be colliding with our Spiritual awakening and although as individuals the affects can be varied, it shows to be a time of challenge for many in their personal life choices.

Navigating through the consistent changes we will experience during February may prove challenging and confusing to many humans. In order to seek balance, during a time when there is an underlying feeling of unrest, we need to keep our focus on simplicity. We will be taken on a ride that bodes calm and quiet for one day, and sudden chaos comes raging in. The weather patterns will again mirror the Spiritual and Collective influences, by changing almost daily from one system or pattern to another. The media shows to be especially active and it’s important to monitor our reactions and life direction during this month.

For those forced to make decisions, keep your changes simple. Exert control to avoid overreaction or hasty, fear based decisions. Take full advantage of the calm, quiet moments to focus on self, health, family and intrinsic goals. For those that can avoid major decisions, my guides advise postponing job changes, moves or any significant financial dealings until March. What we may hear or be told either via media venues, may suddenly be reported as contrasting, so panic should be avoided, as that causes the chaos that already seems to be enveloping the month of February. My guides warn that we need to avoid being swayed or influenced by what shows to be temporary or even unreliable information, both in our personal life, career and relationships, and globally including government, politics and upheaval that is going to be traumatizing if we allow such to affect our peace of mind and Spiritual well being.

We can escape major mistakes by ignoring what is first heard, and keep in mind that this month is also a month of lies, deceit and gossip. So guard against hasty changes or accusations and keep the calm that will be sporadic but ever present close at hand. February is an excellent month to rekindle old friendships, spend time with family and friends, and follow our Spiritual path to a higher vibration of love and brotherhood by lending a helping hand to those in need. By keeping our mind occupied with the true meanings of life, love, concern for others, health and gratitude for family and friends; we can avoid a mass panic and postpone erratic changes by keeping our life simple and calm.

While February will pass quickly, it shows to be a challenging month for those that are too easily swayed by the chaos that surrounds this turbulent month. Again, take all the calm moments and hold on to those, refuse to be caught up in that which cannot be proven, and keep your family close, use this month to advance your own personal Spirituality by caring for others, and self.

So for February, keep it simple, keep it calm, avoid the chaos and I wish all a Happy Valentines Day

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