March 2015 Monthly Guidance – And The Beat Goes On

Last month, February 2014 hit with some unexpected and unforeseen nor predicted bouts of chaos, anxiety and conflict. As difficult as February may have been for many; this month (March) comes “marching in” with strong, decisive energies and there feels to be little to be confused or conflicted about. Join me as my guides share their insight, guidance and on overview of the coming month.

Although one of the longest months of the year both in calendar days and the shifts of both sunrise and sunset the Universal pace will speed things up so that March will all but appear to disappear.

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We look at the Universal lessons and Collective energies, both in our spiritual purpose and highest life path and any warnings on how to avoid blocks or obstacles. Weather as always will be a key factor in the symbolism to our true purpose and we will also look at the media, politics, economy and the resent uprisings or unrest among various insurgents and those causing conflict and threatening world peace under the guise of “freedom”. Please note that in NO way are my guides judging such groups, however violence, bias and threats in no way serve the highest good or lead to a peaceful outcome, it is the way not necessarily the actual intention that brings upon the wrath of Universe and/or Divine.

1) Our Universal/Collective lesson:

In part due to the challenges we faced in February March is a very charged and highly motivated month. It is literally overflowing with potential and possibilities in all areas, specific to each of our life paths’ and intentions however there is a great need for trust and risk taking. For those that are able to “march ahead” and hold out the faith or belief that the risks are worth the potential to be gained, this month can be truly limitless and many may find themselves making change after change all with positive outcomes and surprising results. For marching-band-568740_1280those that are somewhat “shell shocked” and reluctant to take chances or risks, there is the ever present opposite risk of missing out on success, whether one defines that currently as career or relationships. Just as February seemed to be somewhat of a consistent conflict with stability, March will Universally and continually be offering us new and positive potential. So even those that may remain cautious during the first half or even throughout the majority, it only takes one leap of faith to advance on the ever present potential that literally is unstoppable. Relationships are not necessarily specifically in the light this month, however for those that are manifesting love or yearning for a life partner; again the potential appears to be almost everywhere and unless you lock yourself inside (not so much literally as emotionally and spiritually) it will be virtually impossible NOT to have random and possibly numerous encounters. Those in healthy relationships will find that March brings again that energy of “marching to the beat” and camaraderie will be high and almost effortless. In the case of those barely clinging to that which is simply not meant to be or offers no past or present realistic potential, March will be an empowering month for most as our inner spiritual energy is quite profound and in those cases many humans will finally be ready to make that final break, again my guides show us the “marching to the beat”.

2) Weather patterns and symbolic meanings:

Weather patterns show to be in a state of almost constant change and very powerful. Although technically many Countries and areas such as the US view March as the beginning of the end of Winter, the weather feels to be following its own inner call, leaving much unpredictable and that which may be predicted or attempted to be, still somehow find a way to move outside the box, with a myriad of almost each of the 4 seasons giving us a bit of a taste. My guides have always upheld the theory that our weather is directly related to our Universal or Collective energies, and March is another prime and easily seen example. Although there are or will be some stable patterns, these are somewhat sparse and the weather seems determined to give a performance of its true and profound capabilities. Not only possible but quite likely are all types of systems from upper level, electrical thunderstorms to those that occur within the earth’s core such as volcanic, earthquakes and just about everything in between. My guides do not feel that there will be any significant or major world disasters, but more as we have already experienced, just strong or powerful enough to cause disruptions, chaos and related to our personal challenges and ability to adapt and continue moving forward with personal intentions and goals or desired outcomes.

3) Career/jobs and finance

Again the importance in success versus complacency lies in our ability to tap into our spiritual energy, rely and have faith in our empowerment and remain determined to persevere. For those that all the “beat to go on” and refuse to be intimidated or fearful or risks or mistakes, careers, job changes, promotions and financial abundance will be within reach, and quite often we may be faced with choices and complex decisions on which path seems to offer the highest outcome. handshake-440959_1280When making such choices, we should always place our intrinsic satisfaction and stay as close to our true path, ideals and desires as possible. So if you have always secretly hoped to work in the clothing or fashion industry, a job opportunity in that field should easily take precedence over office work even if for the moment the pay or financial aspects appear challenging. This is where hope and belief in self, the future and being true to ourselves will always pay off in all ways versus settling for that which we feel obligated to do. For those that have recently begun or will be staring new business ventures, again success and the possibilities that lie ahead are infinite, so long as we “march to our own drum and beat”, refusing to let fear or negative assumptions rule our spirit and/or choices. To reap the rewards March has to offer it requires we put ALL efforts in and overcome fears or abstain from letting fear, caution or the past define us in any way.

5) Terrorists, security threats and war or the threat of wars:

Because March IS such a powerful month when it comes to our intentions as spiritual beings and as humans, that there is a bit of conflict when it comes to the potential threat of groups, terrorists or those that are seeking to follow what they truly feel IS their highest path and therefore serves a positive role. Again although my guides refrain from judgment in terms of politics. What may or may not actually BE a positive intention or intentions defined by serving the highest good of not just self but for or towards others and therefore bringing about a higher outcome or future. Hence because this month is ruled Universally by the strong call to follow those intentions, there does show to be an uprising in groups, militia and armed forces. (Not those affiliated with the governments military) While currently my guides are not showing there to be any major threats, unfortunately there does feel to be numerous reports and lives needlessly lost those that are innocent and simply caught in the crossfire. As my guides have often reflected upon, the media seem to thrive on garnering attention even if that attention is the result of hysteria, or fear whether the reports are entirely true or not. While there is simply no way of getting around some of that which is simply unavoidable; we can all work together by making or creating the intention that the greater good of all humans is placed above the greater good of a few, so long of course as in doing so we case no harm or additional harm to those that may have already suffered. Imagine how powerful our energies combined can or could be when we put such intentions to the Universe, Creator, God and give that’s as though such has already manifested.

In conclusion:

March is the month that allows each of us to listen to and follow the beating of our own drum. drums-58550_1280To march ahead, neither without letting those things of the past to hold us back nor weigh us down. It is a time of excitement, anticipation and for those that choose to view without limits, March can truly bring us unlimited possibilities and not just for this month, but as the beginning of our future, whether that is love, romance, job/career changes or simply following our heart in what it desires.

It has been said that there is a season for all things and for all things have their season. March is most definitely for “marching” following our spiritual lead and leaving in the past all that we fear, a season to embrace and to capture all that waits for us to simply reach out and take that which has been spiritually gifted to us.

May you all be blessed this month and may your personal “drums” beat strong and ever present, leading you closer to your unique and personal best~~

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