March Monthly Spiritual Guidance

March Spiritual Guidance

The March of March: That Was Then, This Is Now


March becomes synonymous with the alternate meanings when used as a verb or even noun. Considered a “capitonym” (a word that has a separate meaning when capitalized other than at the beginning of a sentence), the main focus or lesson for this month becomes both the verb – an action “to march,” and a noun – refers to an object or person, or in this context to the action. For many of us, the use of march or marching as a verb calls to mind military groups or similar images of those moving in time, or step to another dimension.


In the spiritual context applying to the energy and influence of “marching in March,” a month filled with strong influence that is action-oriented, but the intention or lesson is to keep our steady, rhythmic pursuit of personal goals.


There also remains the reminder of the collective energy of connection and awareness – March incorporates the very significant lesson of not allowing the past to overshadow the present. No matter what may have been, today and naturally the future need to be where our energy becomes focused.


March Monthly Spiritual Guidance


Universal Messages and Lessons

Assuming we have absorbed prior influences connecting us with Divine and all others (collective), the energy guiding us becomes strong and focused, along with the determination to forge ahead, “marching” towards our personal potential.


There are strong forces that encourage and guide us to retain or adhere to the movement that drives our intentions, independence, creativity, and greatest good. 


Regardless of prior mistakes, missteps or faltering, March offers encouragement and support. Our lesson becomes the correlation of strength with focus and drive. While interruptions and disturbances may indeed be let loose around us, we march on. Our message is not only steeped in the continuation of the journey, but more importantly in our ability to choose to continue in spite of distraction, rather than attempting denial or attempts to appear blind.


So regardless of the chaos or even allure of what may be occurring on the sidelines, we persevere because that is the choice rather than the coincidence. The potential blocks, obstacles or warnings are directed at those that lose step or “fall back” due to curiosity, the level of disturbance surrounding us, or the inability to just let go of what was. This is the now, and it must take precedence over what was and even to an extent what is to be, for if we remain in the universal energy of March, our journey has already set the compass towards our personal growth and success.


Love and Relationships

March is a glorious time for romantic love. As we seem to “march” along in unison with our spiritual core and the higher energies and influences, the key for romance lies within those that are also walking or moving to their personal goals and commitments. For many of us, past relationships and even those that existed in what is now past, may reappear and the temptation is strong. While there are, of course, exceptions to every rule, in general, stopping to turn back only wastes time and resources. For those that simply cannot overcome the urge, moving out of step and/or losing our place among the energy of forging ahead only causes us to lose valuable time.


March Monthly Spiritual Guidance- Love

The potential for love is much stronger in action and moving towards the outcome and goal; therefore, opportunities are sure to be missed. And the same is true of all relationships and interaction. All that was overcome and salvaged in truce or reunification remains strong and blossoming. There are great social opportunities for all, again if we stay close to our purpose and the goal of the now, the present, and remain influenced by the intention to proceed.


All existing relationships, especially romantic, will generally take swift turns and giant leaps. For romance this means engagements, moving in together, or other bold steps that bring us closer in spirit, emotion and the literal or physical. Because in a sense, we are constantly on the go; it only makes sense that variety and chance meetings abound, and March becomes or has the power to be a month of great romance, amazing love stories, and for many could mark the end of a long stretch of being single or without a partner.

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Weather Patterns and Forecasts

Many may have viewed February as the opposite of the predicted with several fairly significant changes from recent years. But in reality, it was only viewed as such because we had slipped so far from what was the “normal” for our specific locations.


As March moves in, there appears to be a lot of activity that seems to be the direct opposite of what one would call a “normal” or expected seasonal climate. Those that generally expect snow get rain and those that are dry become wet. Again, as we relate this to our universal and spiritual message, lesson and energy, it is a continuation of the “movement.”


While we may see or receive small breaks of more steady patterns, March seems to be a rather active month with almost every type of possible occurrence within the earth’s atmosphere, scattered globally. From earthquakes to lightning storms and blizzards to record breaking ties, there seems to be a mix of just about every possible event.


My guides do feel that we will deal with several changes that are significant; however, the majority should be more annoying than destructive. Relating to our universal message is the influence that no matter the distant rumble or lure from the sidelines, the lesson is to keep up the pace and work around rather that stopping or changing directions.


Economy, Jobs, Career, and Real Estate

Once again, we have the theme of what is now rather than what was. We are also in a time of positive, although there’s a bit unusual prosperity. The economy may see some big drops and rises around stocks and there may be rumors of large corporations either folding or relocating outside of their home country, but much is again just that chaotic static tempting us to stop in fear of what might or could be.


All in all, careers continue to open up as the economy generally remains strong and productive. Real estate is still or continues to be a fair and limitless opportunity. My guides feel that towards the end of March, we may begin to see a rise in prices and that will or has the power to flip the entire market. For those searching for personal properties to occupy, whether homes or business locations, there remains great potential with prices and loan rates relatively low.


March Monthly Spiritual Guidance

Just as we have been seeing for the past few months, those with intentions of improvement should do very well. However, a word of caution: for those only looking for investments and any intentions to “prey” off the weak or unfortunate will ultimately lead to their demise (financially). We all must guard against the human instinct to become greedy and suppress that by looking for alternate ways of investing that in some way serves the greater or collective good.

For those with creative plans and the ability to be spiritually aware, financial prosperity and abundance are well within reach. 


Government, Politics, World Leaders and The Media

For those residing in or taking an interest in the 2016 presidential election, it’s near impossible to avoid hearing or reading about the latest “poll”, “scandal” or the race. However, there have and will continue to be subtle changes as each of the various candidates and those supporting such become filled with a greater sense of purpose and integrity. Although most politicians have been associated with scandal, dirt and unscrupulous behaviors, there is a higher purpose slowly shifting all. Even some of the most surprising “characters” are showing a softer and more dedicated side.


Throughout the month of March, we will bear witness to some of the most ethical and truly inspiring candidates and campaigns ever witnessed. And not just as a ruse but the intentions of such are from the highest place and the energy of the light from Divine and serving the collective or greater good; it all seems to shine brighter with each passing day. We see in this venue quite clearly the lesson of, “that was then- this is now”.


In other systems, leaders will continue to falter when there lay questionable intentions and/or actions. As we all “march” in our personal life and quest for purpose, we join the march as we saw last month that simply is intolerant of brutal, selfish and undermining leaders. Those that have yet to be stopped or blocked will find the Divine or Universe stepping in, and it’s highly unlikely that damages will continue to mount.


The force working with and through the light will not stop illuminating and only so much will be tolerated. Those that serve for justice will prevail, while others slowly lose their grip and power. The media, as predicted, continues to take a more serious and fair approach to broadcasting. We witness the continuation of a movement that could very well change the platform of reporting and the intentions of such. It may be a work in progress, as change that is this significant, cannot do so overnight, but the feeling or the energy that shifts is felt and for many it means a chance to be given a more accurate and unbiased look at national headlines.


Security and Threats

There feels to be just a bit of ominous silence around certain groups that have been very visible until about mid-February (See February’s guidance for specifics).


For March, although my guides expect that our perimeters as a nation or globally will be breached in at least two areas and/or events/occurrences, the damage will be eased when it is able to be translated into closing in on the capture. The main “group” will be broken apart unable to fight the strong spiritual battle we have successfully imparted and this will be considered a significant break in being led to those in charge.


Once again we are reminded that the “march” must remain in formation as we deal swiftly and effectively with all security threats. Although February saw some discord amongst various countries, the global or universal threats will create or generate peace-for-now energy and influence that time has the power to maintain. So although we will be subjected to some tragedy, it is not without great cause and will in fact serve our future and greater good unintentionally.


To Sum Up

March is a highly charged month that brings unprecedented changes that enlighten even the most stoic of souls. As we “march into March,” our theme in part is to keep moving as we remind ourselves “that was then- this is now,” so that past objections, mistakes or memories do not detour us from the now and that which leads to the future.


With the over-layment of our strong attachments and connections to whatever we recognize and the “Divine” and our recognition of the collective, we continue to be a part of the movement that brings us closer to our personal success, being all we can be. With no need to sacrifice or deny that which can and will serve the greater good.


In a sense this is a month of revolution, resolution but with our spiritual sense first and carving our path to potential without walking alone. While there will be some chaos, distractions and struggles, we choose to keep marching as we create what is and what shall be. What is gone and for those that can converge that lesson in its entirety, no matter the temptation, it becomes a march and in March of glory and light.


March Monthly Spiritual Guidance



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