May 2015 Monthly Guidance – Maybe We Just Need Grace

May is month that begins with many of us still in transition but this month closes or ends with the great potential of a pure “state of grace”. It may seem we have been tested and in a sense that is true, but not for the hope of breaking us but rather evolution of the soul’s purpose and the collective highest good.

My guides share their insight, guidance and predictions for what lies ahead this month and our Universal lesson is clear and yes challenging. We are asked to turn all attention to intention and manifestation not of worldly ways, material gifts but that we are given the gift of grace. A state of grace allows acceptance of what is, release of what has been and a form of hope or faith that the future is yet created or determined. May is about what WE have within our spiritual energy to overpower whatever human life on our planet tosses our way.

Chat with Maya Moon D,Div

Chat with Maya Moon

Relationships will be important, including business ventures, partners, bosses and colleagues. We need to rise to the higher good and view all in the light of what can be rather than be stuck on pettiness or selfishness needs. Weather patterns are still shifting with being close to last years unprecedented weather disruptions and shifts. Economy can and will rise with wealth while the high costs of fuel, heating etc. will begin to abate. The media has been filled with extreme violence and this incites the collective conscious towards fight or flight, neither of which will solve any of the issues. You might say that May is the month to absolve from all but peace and embrace the humanitarian that lies within us all. There is power in numbers, and the more we join the circle of light, the brighter our world becomes.

1) Our Universal lesson and potential blocks:

We must persevere and continue to move forward regardless of how challenging the past and current situations may appear. Success or the blessing of overcoming is the grace, it is the acceptance that there are things that must be accepted and time spent obsessing over attempting to change only weakens our spirit and brings down the greater good. The Universe, whether you recognize a Creator, Divine, God or Goddess is begging for our trust and that we not give up but release and embrace the state of grace that can and will change our future circumstances. Although not all can or will be changed, what which we change within has ultimately more affect than anything physical we can attempt. We also need to avoid being specific in manifesting that is the potential trap, instead rather than working to manifest one outcome, manifest the greatest good or embrace the sanctity of grace and ask that our lives be created with the profound potential that is truly ours for the asking. For those that are unable or unwilling to trust and open hearts, souls and minds to all possible outcomes, the month will be filled with disappointment, frustration, chaos, and our suffering, our choice to not let go will go unrewarded.

2) Relationships:

digital-art-398342_1280As mentioned this month all relationships become pivotal in achieving happiness, peace and of course that grace. We must rise above right/wrong, without going to the point of compromising our true self of course. It is about letting go of pettiness, insecurity and judgment. So as we are asked to view life and the potential we are asked to view others, whether a co-worker, manager, family or partner. Stepping into the grace and showering those we encounter and are united with the energy of potential rather than being stuck on what has held us back or kept us from that more spiritual connection. It requires the ability to let ego and pride be removed and setting the first example, for those that achieve this, each relationship will be raised to its highest vibration.

3) Weather patterns:

As most who read my blogs know my guides believe there is a strong correlation between weather and our spiritual journey and Universal messages. We know what has been past, but now we look at this month and it looks to be rather chaotic and erratic. More sky storms (thunder, tornadoes, etc.) than from the earth but in a sense anything is possible however we will also be blessed with days even weeks of what most would consider perfect weather. As we witness the storms, know we are being given a sign that we need to reach harder for grace and when the calm comes, it has been achieved.

4) Economy, career, jobs:

May is a time of solid ventures, most changes or shifts will bring the higher good and the potential for our future to be created in a higher energy. It can be a bit intimidating for those transitioning but the overall lesson is again have faith and find grace and do not be lured by fear into accepting that which you know is not serving of your highest. Our economy in most countries will rise, with the cost of fuels and living going down a bit or remaining steady and jobs should begin to grow, so there is true bounty to be had this month, we just have to be in our calm state of grace to make good choices.

5) The media and politics:

The media as my guides feel feed off of portraying violence and chaos. We will find that every story that seems to emulate the negative becomes the focus,police-275875_1280 however be not deceived. There are thousands if not more of miracles, blessings and Divine interventions, enlightenments taking place and that is the TRUE report. The media must be taken without emotion and we do not allow that fear to creep in. There is still much unrest both politically and in the groups of militias’ that seem to keep cropping up. While there appears to be some loss and some unexpected episodes, again we reach to our state of grace and know that these are isolated not conjoined and in the main scheme, peace or our state or grace can be captured and won.

In conclusion:

May is a month that is calling to us all; the more that listens and follows the path to creating a better tomorrow by releasing the past and escaping the present the higher the song sings and the Universal message will be received. It is in a sense the month of potential peace in and on earth~

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