May Spiritual Guidance- It’s All About the Karma

It’s All About the Karma

Contributing Advisor: Psychic Maya Moon


May enters during a rather strong and significant Mercury Retrograde. Although usually associated with communication issues, technology or electrical mishaps, this phase will rule and influence our fate, destiny and Karma.


The main Universal theme and lesson is allowing Karma, defined in this context as that which is supposed to be accepted and carried forward. In part, Karma is what has been predetermined but also influenced by the choices and decisions made up to this point in our life or along our path.


For those that have cleared up toxic energies, reflected and moved beyond the past, May offers a chance at luck, love and abundance in synchronicity and harmony. Last month we were “free to be” and while our freedom is not necessarily totally overruled, there are significant aspects during May that compel us to deal with “what is,” while still keeping in our creative spirit for what is yet to be. There should be few disruptions for most of us that are at a life-changing level. These will be more annoying than chaotic or destroying.


Universal Lesson and Message

Acceptance is key, as we learn to embrace the idea that choices from the beginning have influenced where we stand today. We also continue to achieve or attain balance by accepting and even embracing the connection between Karma (destiny/fate) and free will. Although a bit of a challenge, May has the potential to lift up all positive intentions and firmly rid us of any leftover or remaining obstacles that we have battled thus far. It is a time for paying close attention to that intuition we have been guided towards and to validate the many signs and symbols that direct us forward or shift us towards the higher goals and path.


Love and Relationships

Although entering May with Mercury in full Retrograde can cause personal disruptions, the universal energies override those smaller and unimportant squabbles or misunderstandings. With Karma playing a huge role for many, love and/or romantic relationships will be overflowing in one direction or the other.

Soul mates and life partners remain in abundance in April, however the signs must be heeded and the messages understood. 


While in general May offers strength and new direction to those engaged or united in romantic endeavors, those still seeking need to be wary of warnings or “signs” that serve as strong warnings. The biggest obstacle in love or romance is stopping too soon and ignoring or compromising one’s self for the sake of love rather than letting the true Karmic energies lead us to the “one.”

Heed the warnings, read the signs, and love can be found. 


For platonic relationships, emotional support will be an important factor. Again with strong Karmic presence, the more we give to those within our circle or life, the more we receive when our need arises.

May Spiritual Guidance


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Weather Patterns and Trends

Just as our lives seem to move, shake and shift with the strong Karmic energies and influence, the earth appears to follow suit. While there will be some or more days of expected weather patterns in accordance with each area and season, the few disruptions seen will be extremely powerful.


Moving away from the sky or rain drenched storms, it seems as if the shifts of the core of the earth cause several outbreaks globally. Included will be earthquakes of varying magnitudes, the potential for a tsuami, and the Andrea’s fault line along with countries that border the equator are likely to experience shifts in the earth’s surface as well as volcanic eruptions.


All correlates to the Karmic need to reset the earth at a core level combined with the choice of the collective that have changed and effected the atmospheric pressure both above and below. My guides advise that those in more tropical climates in all countries take time to prepare by keeping on hand extra water, supplies and any other necessary needs. Although not intending to be alarmists, there could be major power outages that will be difficult to reinstate without fairly major repairs.


Economy, Career, Jobs and Enterprise

The economy remains stable with some fluctuation in both stock market and real estate. It is predicted that about mid-May, housing costs may rise but will level off again towards the end of the month. Unless it is absolutely essential, May is not the best month for buying or selling.

Because of the rather strong Karmic influences, it can be difficult to make clear and positive decisions that will not be regretted or seen as mistakes.


May still holds some opportunities for career changes but the competition grows strong as many are apt to be applying for the same positions or promotions. More than a couple of major companies or industries both in the U.S. and other countries will announce either mergers, buy-outs and even relocation globally. Those secure in their field and position will feel little if any challenges as long as fear is kept at bay.


For those new enterprises and small businesses, relatively recently set-up or or just beginning, success is within reach as long as we remember the universal message of balancing the Karmic with the choice. We cannot forego one for the other, but must learn to feel and see the signs both positive and negative to chart the proper course.


While May may not be the best month for major career changes, it still remains a powerful month for preparing for such change in the months to come. 


Politics, Government, World Leaders and the Media

May comes with some very unexpected surprises, and at the same time delivers the expected or predicted outcomes many have speculated upon. As the U.S. continues an unprecedented election process, Karma takes a huge step forward and leaves no stone uncovered.


Also choices made long before many of the world leaders held their esteemed positions, disruptions, reminders and the iconic-“skeletons in the closet” are revealed one after the other. In the collective or global unity for security and harmony, a new-found sense of hope, faith and middle ground seems to be found. May brings many natural enemies into compromise, thereby uniting those that have remained on the fringes or outside the global “circle”.


Security remains an issue but last month (April) brought us closer with detailed information revealed in regards to the recent terrorist movements. As Karma also moves into the media and boldly initiates changes in reporting, while the beginning of May is a bit silent, later much becomes disclosed. This year has focused on the integrity of the media and we have begun to see and feel the changes which only grow more consistent with each passing day and noteworthy reporting.


May spiritual guidance

May is a strong Karmic month which has the potential to influence not only our present path but most especially that of the future. 


To Sum Up

Although it can be said that life and our path is and always has been a mixture of fate/destiny/Karma, and free will and choice, we are not generally as aware of that intersection as in May. There is or will be many chances for clarity, precision and, as always, change. But the real story lies within our personal and collective ability and choice to accept that Karma is in fact a response of free will from the past, and free will is often done with a Karmic sense of urgency.


So, journey forward my friend, but stay focused and read the signs. They all point in the right direction and each of us will interpret and find something a bit different along the way. And as you journey through May, be aware that what you do today can become a piece of your tomorrow, because it really IS “all about the Karma”.


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