Meditation with Rock Crystal

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Sometimes, coming back home from a hard day of work, or after a stressful day, you may feel that your brain is exploding: there are still a lot of things to do, and duties, and tasks, and people asking things from you, and you may feel overwhelmed. Or, you are staying at home all day and don’t feel you have the energy to just get up and move, and your mind keeps going back on the same issues again and again, you feel stuck in a rut. In both situations, and, more in general, in situations where you feel out of balance, you are stressed and you need meditation. Take a little time for yourself, and for yourself only, and pamper yourself with a meditation with crystals.

What you will need: a crystal, of course – In this article we are going to use the White Quartz, the clear transparent one, for a neutral meditation and a purification of thoughts. Other kinds of crystals can be used, such as Pink Quartz, Yellow Quartz, Smokey Quartz, or Amethyst, for different purposes. But today we are going to use White Quartz. You will not need a really big piece actually, it’s enough if it has the dimension of one inch and a half. The important thing is it has to be very clear, but still quite raw, without any piece of metal and jewels attached to it. You can easily find it in a gem shop for a few dollars. Then you will need a big comfortable cushion (and, optional, a blanket, depending on how cold is outside), comfortable clothes and a carpet, a New Age music CD (choose a relaxing, ambient one instead of a Medieval or Tribal one), a candle (it’s up to you the choice, you can choose a colored one or a perfumed one with the fragrance you like most).

There will be no need for charging and magnetizing the crystal as we would do if we wanted to wear it, or to use it for therapy. Having just to use it for meditation, it will be enough to wash it for five minutes under flowing water, just to eliminate all energies and impurities it may have collected.

Most important thing: You will have to be completely alone for thirty minutes, so choose a room where nobody will disturb you, disconnect the phone, shut down your PC and tell other people to leave you alone.

Then, close the shutters and light the candle. Position the candle in a place where it can shed some light. Start the CD. Put the carpet on the floor and position the cushion on it, then dress up yourself with the comfortable clothes (no shoes are allowed). Sit on the cushion with crossed legs, try to find a comfortable position and at the same time try to keep your back straight. Keep the crystal in your hands.

Now start the meditation. Inhale and exhale, following where your breath goes and paying attention to it. Once you feel you have become more calm and your breath is regular, start staring at the crystal. Look at its transparence. When a thought comes to your mind, don’t try to stop it or fight it, just let it flow, and then focus again on the transparence of the crystal. Say to yourself: “My mind is sharp and clean like this crystal.” Imagine yourself in a place out of time, like a garden, in which only peace and serenity reigns, and in the middle of the garden there is the crystal.


Imagine it bigger than it is, like a big rock. Imagine that from it a fountain flows, a fountain of clear, transparent and crystalline water, just as the crystal. Say to yourself, “My mind is clear and transparent like this water, every thought and every worry is washed away by this pure water.” When you are distracted, or tired, keep staring at the crystal and start focusing again. Try to feel like you and the crystal are one thing. Keep breathing calmly and regularly, control your breath and inhale and exhale. Keep repeating to yourself, “Every breath I take is calm, and perfect like this crystal.”

In this way you will come to feel a very peaceful sensation. It’s important not to fall asleep, but to keep focusing on the crystal and on concentration. At the beginning it will be very hard to do it, but after a few meditations, it will become automatic. The ideal duration for this meditation is at least half an hour. When this time has passed gently put away the crystal, open your eyes and massage your temples. Then slowly get up.

You can do this meditation whenever you want and you will always have a peaceful place to go when you feel stressed or need a moment to disconnect. It’s very empowering and will put your mind right back on track. Try and then let me know!

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