Meet Our Psychics: Spiritual Insights by Lee

Spiritual Insights by Lee, one of our wonderful psychics, has been with Kasamba since 2003. The Australian native shared with us her journey as a psychic and why she loves her job so much.


Question: Have you always been a psychic? If no, when did you first notice that you had these special abilities?

Answer: My abilities developed in my early teens. It was an exciting coming of age experience for me.mayamoonbutton1


Q: How have your psychic abilities affected your relationship with your family and friends?

A: Intuitive gifts run in my family. My family has traced the lineage back to my great grandmother from England. When I told my family, they were very excited and helped train and refine my skills. It really brought me closer to my aunt who also had the gift and spent time teaching me everything I needed to know.


Q: What exact abilities do you possess?

I primarily offer psychic live chat readings and do intuitive automatic writing. However, I also specialize in Tarot and Astrology readings via email.


Q: Could you tell us what automatic writing is?

A: Of course! Intuitive automatic writing is when I channel messages via my hands. Often I don’t even know what is going to be said, I read it as the client does. Traditional automatic writing would be done with paper, and pen, but in my case, it’s via the keyboard. I guess you could call it “modern day automatic writing”.


Q: So, what made you decide to pursue being a psychic for a career?

A: Well, it actually kind of chose me. I was studying fine arts to pursue a career as an artist, but my friends and family kept asking for readings. I felt like I couldn’t avoid this part of myself so I decided to pursue it full time.


Q: What can a customer expect in a reading with you?

A: A customer can expect to be completely at ease, because they are the ones who decide the direction of the reading. The only personal information I ask from my clients is their first name. The name helps give me information about their energy so I can give them a more accurate reading. They don’t even need to ask me questions; I can tell them a general feeling I get from just talking to them. Also, all of my readings are strictly confidential and no information will be shared. Clients can tell me as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.


Q: What is unique about your abilities or powers compared to other psychics?

A: Well for one thing, my experience. My gifts developed at an early age and I have been a psychic for many years. I also really try to be compassionate and put myself in my client’s shoes to really understand the difficult situation they might be in. I also don’t sugar coat things, so my clients can be assured that they are getting the truth, even when it may be hard to hear.


Q: You help people all the time, but how have your gifts helped to make you a better person?

A: I really love my job, because I have a job that allows me to help people and connect with different people from all over the world. I get so much joy out of being able to comfort and help other people.


Q: When do you recommend people to talk to a psychic?

A: I think anytime is a good time to talk to a psychic if you feel that there is something on your mind and you want guidance.


Q: We have had lots of people ask us this question: What is the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame?

A: A twin flame is your other half. Some people believe that they are one soul that has split into two. Twin flames are from the same soul group and share the same energy. Often these are romantic relationships.Spiritual Insights by Lee 1

Soul mate relationships can be lovers, friends or family. They are usually people that we have something to learn from. They have the purpose of sharing and growing together in love and harmony.


Q: What is your prediction for the future of psychic readers? 😉

A: I think the future is what Kasamba is doing right now. Live chat readings and mobile chat on the go!


Q: What do you see for the world in the next year?

A: I actually think a revolution is coming and believe that the next 12 months will be very interesting. World events are occurring like the Syrian refugee crisis that people all over the world are starting to take notice of and are beginning to take action by rising up to make change. I feel that the world and its people are evolving spiritually and this will mean people become more compassionate and have more unity. There is so much needless suffering in the world, and I feel that people are going to join together to put an end to this. I also see people becoming more concerned about the environment and what we can do to nurture our planet.


Q: What is your motto in life?

A: “Let go and Let God.” Basically to just remind myself that sometimes I need to let go of all the stress and worrying, and trust that there is a bigger plan in the end.


Q: What was the toughest question you have been asked?

A: I have been asked some pretty tough health related questions when sick people asked me questions wanting answers about their future. I was so sorry that I couldn’t help them, but health is not my field of expertise.


Q: Can you share a story of a client you advised that had a happy ending?

A: Yes of course! I had one client who always thought and dreamed about a certain man even after she had lost contact with him. She asked me the meaning behind her thoughts and dreams of him. I told her that she and the man’s souls were in contact with each other. She responded that she didn’t believe me and some time went by before I heard from her again. A few years passed and one day, the client returned to me to tell me that the man she had always thought of and dreamed of had reached out to her Facebook and they ended up getting married!


Q: If you didn’t have psychic powers, what would be your dream job?

A: I would love to be a professional artist. I love to do painting in my spare time.


Q: How can people contact you for a reading?

A: You can live chat with me or send me an email through my profile on Kasamba!





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