~More Than A Feeling~ June 2014 Predictions

MayaMoonButtonAuthor: Maya Moon D, Div

As we find ourselves entering the midpoint or halfway mark of a very significant spiritual year, we should finally be moving past physical barriers and external obstacles and toward our own true path and purpose.

This month brings us enlightenment and the Universe seems to be lending a helping hand. As we saw beginning in May (last month) the truth becomes easier to see and that which blocked us or seemed to create conflict or struggle, now should be easier to achieve. The weather returns to normal patterns as we saw also in May, however normal can be subjective so tropical areas including the US should brace for storms. The economy seems to be holding steady with continued emphasis on the housing market. Foreclosures should be low and peace may seem to be the focus of foreign diplomacy. June focuses on self-truths and while many of fight or struggle initially with the final steps towards change, the Universe provides a strength that guides and empowers us. Purpose and leaving some mark on this world become more important than ever, just as our need to connect to others.

  1. The main focus during the month of June is spiritual growth and enlightenment. My guides share with me that while some may still struggle with the “right choice” our soul journey here on earth will take precedence over fear and that which has previously blocked us. If we have not yet made the major changes that are imperative to our highest path and good, we will find that the ability to do so is almost effortless; the drive overcomes the reluctance as we are moved on the “collective” sea of our spiritual vibration. All that we do, whether reaffirming our self-worth, exiting or entering relationships will be on a much higher vibration, and therefore we are elevated as humans to a greater understanding of life’s meaning and purpose. It is a time of great change, intrinsic reward and the drive or ambition to follow through on whatever our unique or individual challenges may be. Humanity will rise to its highest level, and the result is a Universal shift of all energies, that unite and interact on their core (spiritual) level. Much like the mood of humans during the holiday season, spirits are lifted and along with personal change and empowerment come the real and genuine concern for others. You may find yourself mowing a neighbor’s lawn, or helping the elderly with groceries, whatever the actual deed, it’s the Collective that now drives us and awareness without judgment begins the transformation of humanity. Many people will develop or explore religious beliefs and our connection to a higher source, power, creator or God reaches an all-time high. We WANT to believe, and faith slowly takes over as a natural state of being/energy, without having to be reminded or forced to feel that anything truly is possible.
  2. Weather and its symbolic patterns. There is no denying that the last year and especially the last 6 months our weather patterns have made headlines and created havoc; breaking records whether it’s drought, blizzards or incredible cold temperatures. It’s as if we needed the reminder that all we assume to have control over is useless when the Universe takes over and whatever plans we have neatly assembled for our lives can be shattered to pieces by one tornado or the onslaught of blizzards that never seem to stop. While we are still at risk the first and last part of June, the rest of the month should allow us a fairly significant break so that our spiritual journey can take place without constant interruption.
  3. The media and economy. Because Universal forces affect not only individual humans, but all that exist on our planet collectively, more people should be able to “save” their homes, foreclosures will reach a record low from the last 2 years and new home buyers will find alternate and creative ways of finally finding that perfect dream house. Again the goal and purpose is to join us in harmony and balance with our true self and each other, and a “house” apartment or condo, whatever your choice may be is symbolic to our spiritual core, and therefore important and significant that we all find that place or residence where we “belong” and many will achieve the dream of home ownership, when 6 months ago this would have been simply impossible. Even the media seems to be sensitive and once again as a whole or unit, they approach reporting with a sense of responsibility towards presenting a changed or changing world. So news should be good, with stories of human interest taking precedence over the threat of violence or the intention of simply attention and reliance on our need for being aware of what is happening.
  4. My guides have been sharing with me for several months that we will see the fall of a prominent leader. They do not specify the exact country or location only that this person’s reign of terror will finally come to end and peace will be restored. Political agendas are never really gone, but we may experience a short reprise from the constant clamoring of votes and dissention in many countries. Money has been inflated so that it almost has become meaningless, it can only go so low or so far before it’s power disappears, and June is a profound month for each of us being moved from that obsession, to that of following, finding and pursuing a much more purposeful life.

In conclusion June is a unity of spirit and purpose. It is more than a feeling, because the Collective, Universe and the flow of our connection to self and others begins to join, and we are finally moving away from the material and external purpose or meaning and our intentions grow in strength and power as we begin to reach the destination planned for 2014. We should see proof not only within our own life, but in each interaction we share, whether that is a family member, friend or partner. There is a lot to do this month, and we are amply supplied with the visions and opportunity to put all we have been prepared for in motion.

Look out your window, and into your soul, it’s beginning to become a brand new world, and peace is finally within arm’s reach. I wish you all the prosperity of faith and happiness, and may you see as you have never seen before.

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