The New Mobile Psychic Chat is here! YES!

Our newest, hottest psychic service is here! The FIRST Mobile Psychic Chat, giving you the intimate and instant experience you have when IM’ing with friends and family. Now you can instant message with Kasamba psychics on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile chat gives you continuous, uninterrupted access to psychics. Even in a room full of people, you can get the psychic guidance you need in privacy and comfort.

Its well-thought-out features make mobile chat just what you need: whether you need advice before a job interview, or on the way to a date, you can get it promptly, confidentially and anonymously.

Psychic Chat has just become easier, faster and more practical! 


  • It’s when you want it, where you want it. Whether it’s when you’re shopping, waiting in your car or in a long line, you can get the advice you need on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.
  • No waiting. Psychics’ response text is displayed character by character. There is no waiting and the conversation just flows.
  • 100% private and anonymous. No one will know you’re on psychic chat, as there are no chat sounds.
  • Chat transcripts. Your mobile chat sessions are saved word for word. You can read them any time you want and reflect.
  • On all smartphones. iOS, Android… it doesn’t matter. Kasamba’s Mobile Chat is available on all.

Psychics are now with you in all moments of your life! Get answers to your questions immediately from wherever you are. Find clarity today.

Grab your smartphone and go to now.

Experience Mobile Psychic Chat before everyone else.




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