Fire and Ice

Chances, Choices, Compliance and Conflict

November will be a strong month bringing conflicting energies. As we move towards the end of a year filled with emphasis on spiritual enlightenments, personal growth through trial and challenge, looking back we see that the changes to our lives came with great potential for self-awareness and understanding of the collective purpose. Here is how we can take all those lessons a step further in different areas of our lives.

Universal lessons and energy/vibrations

Our lesson for November is a bit complex as we are hurled into swiftly shifting energies and influences. If we refer to our, “chances, choices, compliance and conflict,” we are given a brief synopsis of what lies ahead. The universal intention is that we are able to attach and embrace our spiritual core (energy) and embrace such influence by exerting positive and healthy choices, taking necessary chances (risks for potential) and accepting that November will deliver conflict.

Compliance in this context is defined by a state of grace, by not giving up on our choices or chances but by deciphering that which can be changed and taking the appropriate steps. For those situations, experiences or relationships which prove to be in conflict, what cannot be changed and should not be accepted must be released.

It is no simple task to sort through these influences and energies. My guides advise that the past 10 months have allowed us ample opportunity to connect with our spiritual self and that of the collective and Divine, so we are now asked to rely on our instinct for rising above and on faith to see us through. It’s impossible to eliminate all stress and/or conflict but we have much more control over how such events define us and what we choose to absorb versus release.


We are warned against replacing denial or complacency for compliance. The lines can easily become obscured or blurry. Clarity from within is needed to navigate November to achieve our highest state of faith and empowerment.


Weather patterns and trends

As always my guides show the synchronicity between weather and universal energies. And November shows or is predicted to be a month of “fire and ice”. This acronym is used to show the profound range of weather patterns that will be seen by most countries. Those in winter or approaching winter will experience ice, snow and cold rain. However, in between will often be the extreme shifts to above average temperatures with numerous fluctuations. Those living in summer or approaching their summer will likely have higher than average temperatures with wind being a source of cause and effect, and the occasional outburst of unusually cool or wet days. It is also literal in the sense that while the weather will vary depending on location and season, November will bring unprecedented or unusually significant amounts of fires caused by drought and lightening (nature inspired) and ice reflects above normal amounts of ice, snow and freezing rain in the more artic regions. Most of us will need a jacket next to our warm weather clothing as November is filled with extremes.



Economy, careers, business and job market

Many countries begin to recognize various holidays or are preparing for holidays ahead, towards the end of November, and this is typically not supportive of career or job changes. But the chances, choices and inspiration swirling throughout this November shows a continued pattern of growth in industry, a strong economy for most and the potential for businesses to move forward in prosperity and strength. We always refer to intention to determine success and those seeking change for growth or purpose will be surprised by the opportunities presented. Although November is also a month of conflict, this is not as influential to the economy or business world as in other areas. The greatest conflict shown around economy and career is being faced with making difficult choices due to the equality of options and potential that will be available. The best time for change is from the very first of November until around the 23rd, where the “surges” of moving ahead appear to begin slowing down.

Love and relationships

My guides believe that this year has placed great emphasis on relationships, both on releasing those which have been dysfunctional or toxic and on embracing unlimited potential. November feels to focus its light on romantic interactions with “chance” encounters that we choose to explore. There is always risk in matters of the heart, but compliance with what or who cannot or has not served our highest good must be faced, even when conflict is inevitable. For those united in love and realistic expectations, November carries a strong momentum that seems to sail us easily through any external conflicts. When that same “chance” becomes more of a warning due to pre-existing constant chaos or conflict, then it is time to release and move on. For those single and looking for or desirous of partnerships, we only need to take a “chance” on the gamble that perhaps November is our time for love and make choices that place us into social settings and adventures. November feels to be a priority month in meeting that special someone, so long as we avoid being overly compliant with a lonely or solitary life. For many of us the “fires” of passion will burn brightly this month.

Government, politics and the media

November energies seem to have a more powerful impact on current government transitions and those powering up for elections. Conflict will arise in many directions with leaders and those in power struggling to be diplomatic and/or defining agreeable terms. Compliance seems to be off the table as some of the worlds most profiled shall be making choices that simply cannot serve the greater good. November may even deliver the loss or casualty of one in great authority. The media, much like sharks, seem to follow the trail or “scent” of each ripple or rumble of unrest. While reports will actually be more factual than what we have witnessed in the past, as nations or factions we may be best served to simply wait this month out before coming to major conclusions or changing teams, so to speak.



Fire and Ice –both fire and ice can cause burns and are certainly viable threats to our land, country, earth and our spiritually connected humanity. Yet both of these powerful energies offer vital and necessary needs that our very survival depends on. Fire for warmth and cooking, and ice for the creation of rivers, waterways both for travel and consumption. Either is easily capable of mass destruction. Fire can get out of control or ice storms can destroy villages, towns and cities. And yet within this power is beauty, elegance and when harnessed correctly, it can be a visage of power, precise and useful, supplying the earth and all living beings the necessities of life.


So as you step into the more masculine energy of November, remember that
Choices can be chances and compliance can create acceptance, so that conflict is avoided or minimized.



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