November Spiritual Guidance – Embracing a whole new future

The prophecy of our path versus the patterns of the past


As we move in step with the coming end of our calendar year, we choose enrichment of spiritual blessings or remain stagnant in our past. October magnified and cleared the metaphoric and spiritual debris, so that we may be free to create and attain unity in all things. November is the seal of the righteous and the destined path, leaving behind the noose of old habits, patterns and broken dreams.


Our universal lesson and the message

From the crisp, clarity and powerful surge of energy we found in October, we now are asked to piece together all that has been rising and like a well-constructed building, set about the finishing touches. November offers somewhat of our last chance for sanctity within and unity of spirit. The forces are more stable than swift, and allow enough introspection to gather together our spiritual or metaphoric basket and prepare to show gratitude for all blessings. With many celebrating holidays of feasts and the gatherings of family, friends and those significant in or to our life, we gather not only in celebration of others but of self.


What has been cannot be changed and is let go,
while we lean forward to embrace all that lies ahead.

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The lesson, energy and influences of November help all to create a new legacy and to finally free ourselves from all obstacles, barriers and blocks that prevent our individual prophecy and birthright.


Love and relationships

Although romance is certainly possible and amidst the feasts and traditions there are those that will happen upon their soul mate or life partner, love in the universal sense is prominent for November. As many celebrate the tradition of Thanksgiving, it’s a time for sharing meals, camaraderie and giving thanks to creator or source for all that has been provided.


As we show gratitude, we then walk true on our path of prophecy, defined as that which has been provided for our creation now and in the future. Highlights will be on friends, family and the urge to help and/or share with so many that have been the victims of tragedy through various weather systems.


November offers a month of compassion,
which initiates and influences our highest spiritual energies
for the many possibilities of love and loving in the future.




Career/jobs/business and economy

With a powerful election the first week taking place in the U.S. for November, the effects and outcome will be felt globally. This, in turn, shifts our economy and there are some concerns over stocks, investments and any other form of trading. November shows great potential for those already involved in career changes or promotions. These should be plentiful and, if anything, have even a more positive outcome than originally anticipated.


As far as those beginning a new job or career search,
the end of November shows to be
the best timing for anything new or different.


The economy will take a slight rise and a temporary price increase should be expected just after the U.S. election. This will eventually stabilize, so large or major purchases should be postponed till the following month.


In real estate, it remains a buyer’s market and housing costs and/or real estate will even continue to climb a bit. Caution is advised for those buying, as later in the next few months we will see a fairly significant drop. Sellers do well, as prices are high in comparison to months ago; however, it is a moot point if one sells one piece to invest in another. For those that can, my guides do advise waiting on real estate or property investments until after November.


Elections, leaders, government, politics and the media

Once again the major focus is on the U.S. with the strong forces and powers rising like the tide. My guides feel strongly that this election is one of a great spiritual change and although it is in the U.S., it will have long reaching, universal and global effects. Because our lesson in part is based in prophecy, there is a great deal behind the scenes, and Divine and source will not hesitate to shift the energy if the need arises.


All those in power elsewhere will remain in a bit of a holding pattern, as in many ways the influence of the outcome from the U.S. will be significant factors in shaping the leaders of many countries. It will also signal whether we become united with the collective as humans and countries.


The media seems to move more towards patterns of the past, and frenzy ensues almost making the news impossible to determine or decipher the truth from the hype. Again much will resolve by end of November so prophecy can and will be fulfilled.


Our global security threats remain in waiting and it is likely we experience a potential or significant even just after the U.S. election. Please keep in mind that this election is a significant and spiritual influence in the energies present in all countries and all humans. We shall all witness as the election along with the varied reactions allow us to follow our collective prophecy and path – or simply repeat past patterns.


 Weather patterns and systems

We saw last month the violent storms that raged through countries and invaded cities, towns and even rural areas that have been untouched for decades. Because our weather is a reflection or runs parallel to our spiritual lessons and energy, there is once again variance in our seasonal patterns.


The first half of November should remain within “normal” patterns or expectations for location and season, very little disturbances of any magnitude. Again, in following the path of prophecy, for many the cold regions or those entering fall or winter are likely in for below average temperatures and the potential for several small storms in the first half of November. These should follow suit with the end of October’s predictions in developing as sleet, snow and ice.




For those on opposite continents entering spring or summer, there will be periods of unseasonably cool patterns and many farming communities show a risk for a hard freeze. The end of November shows universal stability and we head back into more of the traditional and expected weather patterns.


Some countries may struggle, as they are still recovering from the devastation of Mother Nature in October as they move into the prophecies of November. Relative to the weather, the collective must clear the path and pull together, sharing resources and burdens equally.


For those areas that seem unable or unwilling to adapt,
the past seems to play the song over and over
and doing so opens us for a barrage of weather catastrophes.


Looking forward

November signals the end of the year with only one more month before great change is seen and felt. As we navigate and battle within and externally, the potential lies ahead on the path before us. The prophecy is the internal and external, what we have created along with the destiny of the individual and the collective.


Those that shut off the faucets of faith or the springs of hope
find the past an eternal cycle or circle
continuing until intentionally broken.


My guides channel the magnitude and profound message in our prophecy that shall be realized in the U.S. election. The candidate represents the prophecy of or for future growth, strength, renewal of hope for those in despair and the rise of a united and profound spiritual belief system. The other side represents the past and therefore offers more of prior patterns and current protocols.


There lies the power of Divine to intercede for our own protection, or allowing free will to determine the outcome of this election, energy and the global path. As we walk between the paths of prophecy and the patterns of the past, each and every individual becomes the tie-breaker, the difference, the shift and the outcome.


November sets before us not simply the choice of our own prophecy, the potential awaiting versus the motion that only repeats the past without ever really engaging our full spiritual potential.


November shall indeed mark the end
and also the beginning of change
or the senseless adaption to that which never changes.

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