October Spiritual Guidance: Affinity versus Control

Affinity versus Control in Finding True Passion 


As we come from the iconic month of the “harvest,” we enter the strong shifts of October by embracing affinity versus the temptation to exert control. While we certainly need some direction and power in our lives, it is our affinity of the soul with self, collective and individual, that shows us the clearest path.

Our universal lesson and message for October

As we enter the fourth quarter or the final months of a very significant year, October enters with clarity, enlightenment and the opportunity to purge the last remnants of toxic energy. Our lesson is wrapped around affinity and the ability to accept the necessary demands, while denying or disallowing the urge to exert too much pressure and/or control.


This is a month for details and creative thinking, 

encouragement rather than caution, 

and hope rather than fear.

The universal energy is fairly powerful, but more so within our own energy and spiritual beings. It allows us to tap into those resources and what we gathered in the “harvest of September,” remaining acutely aware of the power of affinity versus overpowering to seek affinity. October is a long month with lots to do as we continue to prepare for a long winter ahead. Even if for some of us that “winter” is metaphoric rather than literal.

Although many of us in different parts of the world are, in reality, heading towards spring or even summer, the lesson remains the same. For those of us that easily find our inner and external affinity, we have a productive month ahead full of promise and potential. For those that seem unable or unwilling to loosen their grip, they will only find an empty hand, and that their time has been wasted. October calls for being consistent rather than insistent, and dancing to the music within.


Love and Relationships

This October is a strong month for the potential of renewing old friendships and romantic flames. What may have been simply impossible 10 or even 15 years ago suddenly has all the right components for a love story.


October shows to be a strong month for the renewal of all types of relationships.

This month will also bring many opportunities for meeting those well-matched for romantic relationships. Those that do re-enter from the past tend to be romantically reclined as opposed to platonic or family. For those in existing relationships, much stays the same. For those with life partners involved in that which is healthy and positive, interactions should remain strong and with a great affinity of love, honor and respect. For those involved in more toxic or dysfunctional relationships, this pattern continues relatively unchanged in either direction.


October is a month of potential for meeting new

and reacquainting with the past, 

but shows very little in shifts for those already committed.

Discover if you will experience any unexpected surprises in love this month. 



Economy, Career, Jobs, Business and Real Estate

The economy remains fairly stable and with once again only small or minor changes that had already begun to take effect from September. October is a month where the preparation or reaping of the “harvest” pours in by offering prosperity and abundance to those that seek and find their affinity.

October will also be one of the last months for new job or career changes and/or opportunities. Business remains successful to all that put back (sow the seeds) of what has or was taken. It may not be our best month for major investments that involve new businesses, especially those with partners or financial investors.

The real estate market, most especially residential, begins the biggest jump since the beginning of the year. Although still more of a buyer than a seller’s market, both are possible, but just more challenging than what we have seen in prior months. Because prices in real estate have begun to escalate once again, those with a true “affinity” and unconcerned with power generally do well in either case.


Weather Patterns and Forecasts

As always, the general or universal weather patterns are the reflection of our spiritual lessons and message. If we look at our lesson in learning to forgo control and to embrace affinity, we can easily imagine that weather patterns will tend to be chaotic and somewhat erratic. In part the purpose is to help prepare us for all possible upcoming weather systems and in part to rejoin the belief that “normal” is not always “normal”.


October will be a mix of many seasonal and unseasonal weather patterns 

with little stability in-between.

Although my guides are not showing any catastrophic storms or other weather and/or earth related events, that is not to say there will not be those that do cause damage. The biggest threats seem to come from flooding and uncharacteristic ice, snow and sleet storms.



October Spiritual Guidance


Politics, government, leaders, global security and the media

As we move closer to one of the most conflicted and convoluted presidential campaigns ever seen in the U.S.A., it is imperative that we all work towards our affinity. We should see this in the candidates and the supporters become just as important. Those that attempt to use force or control whether in running or in garnering support for their candidate will be met with total chaos and conflict that turns on itself. Those we may intend to protect instead we bring shame and/or blame. Other world leaders face much the same.


All of us as spiritual beings must learn to

use our grace and unite in peace

to accomplish the greatest goals.

While we have seen a bit of a lull in attacks by terrorism, we must not lose our vigilance and once again we are reminded it is from our affinity rather than control that we can accomplish peace or keep our world safe.

The media tends to slip a bit this October returning to the old ways of using scare tactics and attention grabbing tactics. Thankfully, most of this will be short-lived and once again the media seems to answer to that higher power and to the greater good of all.


To Sum Up

October is a month that offers us choices in many directions and can seem at first glance rather complicated. In truth October is a strong month, leading us towards the end of a spiritual year and once again reminding us that our ultimate purpose is spiritual, and within that, specifically, our affinity.


Our ability to relate, to show love and compassion 

and to think of the consequences before we speak or act.

October is a month of shifts and changes, but also offers many chances to renew and re-evaluate, so we can negotiate the last few months of this year with affinity and in gratitude rather than attempting control, power or manipulation.

September brought the harvest and now October brings the time to recharge for next year’s planting.


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