October, The Sum of all Equals

After the smooth energy and influence September brought, with only a healthy dash of drama, October marches in with nothing short of being amidst a rather significant Mercury Retrograde. This month will not disappoint those that thrive on drama and challenge.

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My guides teach that from the spiritual and the metaphysical view, “the sum of all equals” encapsulates the theory of Karma: all that has been or was that which is now or current and the equality of future potential. No matter how we add or subtract our life and experiences, universally we always are returned to that state of energy – the sum of all equals.

Our Universal or collective lesson for October is defined by Karma: defined as the constantly shifting energies or past, present and future as each of these influences vibrates with equality and expand to the totality of who and what we are and aspire to be. October will be much like our own reality show, or living our personal journal or diary. For every challenge, obstacle and crossroads faced, the repetitive reminder that intention is everything from foundation to outcome, that potential abounds in equality and each tiny piece of our “puzzle” forms the sum of the whole.

We have been gearing up for this ascension and as the last few months of the year burst open, possibilities are endless yet not without sacrifice and gratitude for the choice. As always my guides show synchronicity between weather patterns and the current Universal lessons, roles and energies. Relationships reach dramatic conclusions in all directions with emphasis on romance and ties of the past. The economy, business, careers and work play vital roles in both internal and external. Elections, campaigns, leaders and the political arena grab tighter as clear lines are being drawn. A powerful month, October blasts its way in much like the heavy autumn winds.


Our Universal Lessons and Warnings

There is nothing sedentary about October 2015. After a brief respite during September, we are called upon to accept the many challenges while walking hand in hand with faith and hope. While the past is and always will be a piece of the “sum of all equals”; our core energies and external life and circumstances must be dislodged to appreciate the equality that the future offers all. And while fate often leaves a trail to the highest or greatest good, it is our free will and choice that chooses to take aim and fire. All becomes equal in our “end game” as no special favors are granted. We must guard against the misconception that energy can be created or destroyed, thus trapping ourselves without escape rather than embracing true potential that awaits equally in the future and faith.


Relationships and Romance

Again in comparison to September where social gatherings and general interactions took precedence over romance; love, soul-mates, life partners and dramatic altercations and break-ups easily become a focal point a greater point for October. There appears to be a strong pattern of past or previous relationships. Unexpected encounters and reunifications almost become commonplace. For those that were separated or torn apart due to external influences and circumstances will be granted second chances for renewal and reacquainting. The true test of the sum of equality or tomorrow lies in those that can find true value in the sum of what creates real potential versus unsuccessful attempts to “right wrongs”.

We must avoid allowing ourselves to be defined by one small piece in place of the bigger picture or the sum of all energies, reminders that we can shift or alter, but never destroy nor create such energy. It remains in the ability to embrace the equality of what the future can hold, again walking in faith rather than settling for fear of failure or of facing uncertainty. Those still clinging to dysfunctional relationships are at great risk for dramatic endings. Remember that the energy that shifts, whether positive or negative, is the sum of all that has been experienced. October is not a month to be ignored, nor will it cater to our sensitive or reluctant ability to shift what has been avoided or denied. With so much energy being placed into our personal, it only makes sense that major changes are certainly unavoidable.


Weather Patterns:

In contrast to September, the severity of storms or disasters is likely to reach epic proportions. While not every prediction will take form, remember the theme of October- “the sum of all equals”. Even the force of nature seems to support the theory that whether one or twenty events, the aftermath, whether great or minor, is not necessarily a true reflection of scientific measurements and scales. Just as in our personal life the intention or “build-up” often exceeds the specific event.

My guides predict that much of this month will be “under” predicted. While there is always some pattern found within chaos, October brings forth all that is possible over land, sky and sea. The various weather patterns that may be uncommon (depending on location and season) that appear insignificant will teach us that “equal opportunity” exists via the culmination of past patterns and variable future potential. The middle and end of October appear to be a tad cooler, even chilly in comparison with the normal or expected temperatures. The irony in October’s weather is the sum stays equal in the sense that we experience strong and powerful surges yet it is the intention or the unexpected that bring the greatest weather threats.


Economy, Career and Business Ventures

Considering that the one constant throughout most of 2015 has been a significant trend of a stronger, more solid economy, most of us should have taken the appropriate steps and be well invested in new careers or business ventures. For those of us that allowed fear and/or uncertainty of the future to define and/or dictate our free will and choices, October brings a huge boost of energy that once again asks is to relate to the equality of positive potential awaiting all. It’s never too late to reach for your dreams and whatever your personal goals or aspirations, as October can provide a solid springboard – all we are required to do is take the plunge.


Government, politics, leaders and campaigns/elections

October, again a powerful and significant month, continues to report and base their coverage on what is assumed that most humans want rather than need to know. It almost is as if we are simply heard in a “loop” with intentions and reports being more or less the same. It is a bit like being stuck on an ad or commercial that repeats over and over again. And while many of us will simply end up tuning all of what is given out so nothing is really digested, the other half becomes too attached or even obsessed by such reports and swayed without any real “facts”. Although my guides do not recognize any real change in the “facts” of reporting, because our energy and the Universal and Collective conscious are in a strong mode of needing to do something, take sides, pick our plan and/or agenda, many of us are at risk for becoming puppets, controlled by others with our consent based on our own individual deductions of fact and fallacy.

October shows to be a powerful month where energy equals intention and the lesson which can and should be applied to all of life can easily be misunderstood. “The sum of all equals” implies and is defined by the belief that we each are or have become a product of past, present and future and all/every intention has created such. This means that change IS about free will and our ability to tackle the future, faith in hand with confidence and style. Each little piece of who we were helps us to become who we are and who we will be. These energies, Universal and Collective, are not commonly seen and felt, and we must remember that our future is and will always remain the pure energy of the intentions we grace or manifest via self, world and all that Divine has created universally.


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