~Peace and Release~ December 2013

                                     Chat with Maya Moon D,DivAuthor: Maya Moon D, Div.

After November’s reflection and preparation, my guides share that December offers a month filled with the final release of toxic and negative energy and the peace that follows when we achieve balance and harmony.

While change generally brings some conflict and chaos, Universal energies will be assisting us so that the changes made for our highest good leave behind a sense of peace and balance, and many may be surprised at how much easier a situation or relationship that has shifted, changed, or ended actually feels. We are given Divine guidance to assist in the actual changes and what may have been or felt impossible two or three months ago, suddenly is far less complicated, restoring our inner harmony and balance.

For those of us whose external circumstances prevented from making actual changes in November, our plans will be foremost in our mind and we will not be shifted from such intentions even when the actual timing requires some patience. Again, our Spiritual energy will be drenched in peace, whether our life has changed drastically or we are still in the process of moving those changes along. This includes work/career, love, and relationships with romantic partners, family, friendships, and physical moves.

A significant influence for humanity during December is the natural process of release. This includes fears and obstacles that prevented needed changes, and a general renewal of our Spiritual being, so all that has become toxic or affected us negatively will be released, even without conscious efforts.

While December is symbolic in many countries and religions for the significance of several holidays, it also becomes a time of high stress for many. Interacting with family members we don’t necessarily resonate with, or the financial strain that comes with gift-giving, can cause pressure. Divine, Creator, God and the Universal forces and Collective Consciousness will be busy with each of us, however, releasing much of our “traditional” worry and replacing it with faith and, most importantly, a feeling of peace, regardless of the state of change we find our lives in.

December will be a truly joyful month for our spiritual and emotional energies and state of mind. We can best utilize this profound and perhaps unfamiliar feeling of joy and peace by using conscious efforts to allow the flow to wash over us uninterrupted. It’s a great time to reach out and try new meditations, such as tapes, music, candles, scents, and even sessions with advisors who can personalize your way of embracing peace and release.

While the peacefulness of this month is fruitful for many, be aware of peace versus compliance, and don’t forget the lessons or intentions learned during November’s “Reflect and Prepare.” This is a month to take slowly, savoring the peace and joy, even if your life still needs some polish.

Tips For December:

1. Avoid letting fear overcome these Universal influences and instead, much like a vacation, allow yourself the freedom to take in what the Universe has to offer and share this energy with those around you.

2. Be good to yourself and give in to those small pleasures that increase your personal joy, and continue to release all things that have become toxic or offer no benefit.

It’s a powerful month and with a little conscious effort, we can all achieve a state of being that we have not experienced for quite some time.

Wishing you Peace as you embrace this iconic time of year and release all that has created imbalance in your life!

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