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Pisces – Monthly Love Horoscope for May 2019

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To begin with, it is business as usual on the romantic and relationship fronts this month, though with a lot more weight on matters of the heart. Yet, even so, there is little to indicate just how much the weight is set to shift onto matters of the heart and all things romantic or how truly game changing this is destined to become. You begin the month with the North Node and Juno in your romantic sector and no planets in your relationship sector. While Juno is only an asteroid and the North Node is a force rather than a planet, this gives matters of the heart an edge. The North Node is the force behind and the reason for a total solar eclipse in your romantic sector in July and Juno, queen of commitment is already helping you to set new romantic resolutions. However, for the most part, these are forces operating in the background, waiting for the right trigger. That right trigger arrives in the form of Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos who returns to your romantic sector on 16th May. This is the first fully fledged planet to reach your romantic sector since the North Node returned in November, but with a total solar eclipse just seven weeks away, this is when the run up begins. This is Mars’ first visit to your romantic sector since 2017 and with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all following in his footsteps over the coming months, he returns to blaze new trails. Mars is the warrior planet of the cosmos and he doesn’t follow the path, willing to bulldoze his way through barriers and take you beyond where old doubts, fears or a lack of confidence may have stopped you in the past. And returning to find the North Node has already been laying out paths for the last six months, his job will be made that much easier. This is the start of a romantic rebellion and what could be some of the most romantically charged months in several years. This makes the Moon’s visit to your romantic sector from 8th May to 11th May important. Leaving five days before Mars’ return, these romantically charged lunar vibes will have access to what, by then, is just around the corner and already on your over the horizon radar.

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