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Pisces – Monthly Love Horoscope for August 2019

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From Mercury’s departure from your romantic sector on 12th August to Mars’ return to your relationship sector on 18th August there is just a six day period between one chapter and the next. It is the same planets that have been moving through your romantic sector over recent months that reach your relationship sector this month, though with less spectacular results. Every planet that moved through your romantic sector over recent months contributed to giving a total solar eclipse last month as much momentum as possible. They also found themselves in opposition with both Saturn and Pluto, creating a mixed bag. With the North Node in your romantic sector until May 2020 romantic matters won’t go off the boil anytime soon and if anything, are likely to be running more smoothly. Unlike romantic matters, where the North Node has been having an influence since November 2018 and you had a solar eclipse to help things along, there has been no planetary activity on the relationship front. This makes the planets return to your relationship sector this month exciting. This will eventually mean they each make an opposition to Neptune in Pisces but this won’t be until next month and even then, this has been the natural pattern since the planet of dreams return to your sign in 2012. The first planet to reach your relationship sector is Mars, returning for his first visit since 2017 on 18th August. This will be followed by Venus, the planet of love’s return on 21st August, the Sun’s return on 23rd August and by Juno, the queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships’ who returns on 24th August, for the first time in four years. By the time Mercury, the planet of communication returns on 29th August, just a day before a New Moon, your relationships will have more support than they have seen in years.

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