Prince George of Cambridge

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting New Zealand for 9 days, bringing with them gorgeous Prince George. It has been said this is the first time he has been put on display apart from when he left the hospital not long after his birth on July 22nd 2013.

Prince William also visited New Zealand around the same age 31 years ago.
I am going to look at the birth chart of the little prince and what he has in common with his royal parents. Numerologists believe that we choose our parents and our choice is usually in regards to the parents that are most likely to help us recognize our path and soul needs, whether this comes in lessons or not.

The new prince certainly has strong numbers that are needed for a leader. He has an 8 Life Path, which is found by adding up his full date of birth to a single number or 11 or 22 which are master numbers in numerology and has a 1 Expression vibration which is found in his full names number vibration along with a 1 Soul Urge which are found in the vowels in his name and a 22 birthday.

These numbers together suggest that Prince George was born with strong business ability. As this little prince develops, we are likely to see strong talents that will benefit him if he is allowed to express himself freely. In his later years he will have very strong executive and administrative talents. Looking at his charts, there is a lesson within which suggests that there are some lessons in his life where he will need to learn the satisfactions of the material world and the power that comes with its mastery. He is lucky he is born to royalty where his material needs and his need for a position of power is more likely to be fulfilled than that of a commoner with the same number vibrations. So this will mean that he is more likely to be able to fulfill his soul intention in this lifetime.

As he matures, although he has the makings of a fine leader, he will have a strong desire to be completely free to act on his own, which could mean that he runs into some problems where his position in life is concerned. As long as his parents recognize this independent attitude and the prince’s superior ability to organize and manage situations, his urge for power can be developed in a balanced way. Looking at the duke and duchess’s numbers, they are certainly the parents that will help the prince develop in the way he needs to.

Let’s start with his mother Catherine Duchess of Cambridge born (Catherine Elizabeth Middleton). When Catherine married Prince William and became the Duchess of Cambridge, this changed the vibration of her name which shows an 11 Expression which is taken from the letters in her current name and a 22 Soul Urge which matches with Prince George’s birthday number. This is one of the things that will help her understand George’s drive to be a leader and be able to express his natural talents.

William has an 11 Life Path which is found by adding his birth date: 21/ 06 /1982. His father (Prince Charles) and his grandfather the (Duke of Edinburgh) also hold this same vibration which a lot of the royals have in their charts. The challenge for elevens is to not be overwhelmed by their Soul Urge gifts. Fears and phobias would be the downside of this number 11 and having complete faith in self, which can make them appear indecisive, impractical, nervous, and moody. Prince George is also likely to have the same indecisiveness at times with his master 22 vibration; however he is more likely to be able to work through this with parents that I believe will understand him fully.

As I write this, the duchess and duke, along with the prince, are visiting a Plunket group of parents and babies of the same age for Prince George to play with. The gifts he will be receiving will be a blue Plunket bear and our traditional Plunket record book which is for recording the development of the child up to 5 years or school age. When William visited New Zealand with his parents he was given a busy bee which is one of New Zealand’s Kiwi icons. It clicks when it is pulled along as its wings rotate.

Have you ever wondered why you chose the parents you did or why you click with certain people better than you do with others? Numerology is great at showing you all these things and can give you tips for how to work through any issues that may show.

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