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Psychic Readings: What you need to know

Chat with Maya Moon D,DivAuthor: Maya Moon D,Div.

Sit back, relax and prepare for an experience that will shatter the myths, challenge the skeptics, enlighten, encourage and bring peace and clarity in these very uncertain times.

Who we are;

I am talking about Psychics, or as most professionals prefer; Spiritual coaches, advisors or mediums. In a profession that dates back and is recorded in biblical times, Psychics have outlasted the hype, and have worked hard to dispel the outdated picture of a back alley shop with a flashing neon sign. The new millennium of Psychics has even become top rated Televisions shows. The newest generation of Psychics or Spiritual advisors is educated, savvy, professional and quite often nothing short of amazing. We are diversified in our approaches and our specialties.

  • Psychic, Spiritual advisor; these experts often use communication with Spirit, Guides or Angels to assist in readings.
  • Astrologers; a true art, astrologers use highly sophisticated knowledge and Psychic abilities to chart, graph and plot past, present and future.
  • Cartomancy; the Psychic’s use of Tarot or regular playing cards as a tool for insight and guidance.
  • Psychic Mediums; a true medium has the ability to cross the barrier between life and death, and they are unique in their ability to communicate and send and receive messages from loved ones that have passed over.
  • Psychic Healers; these gifted individuals use a variety of tools and sources to help heal spiritually and emotionally, among the most recognized are the Reiki and Chakra workers.

It is also important to note that many of our advisors are gifted and practiced in more than one area of expertise within the Metaphysical profession.


What to expect;

While Psychics are not mind readers, they are undeniably gifted and whether your issue is complicated or simple a Psychic reading can clear up confusion, tap into your energy field, and in general assist with guidance and insight that comes from a higher source. If this is your first reading keep in mind some valuable guidelines.

  1. Be sure to schedule a time when will have no interruptions, turn off phones, televisions etc.
  2. Put some thought into your questions and jot these down, have your questions handy before you begin your session.
  3. Be open minded! Relax by taking slow deep breaths. The more relaxed and open you are, the easier to connect and the more beneficial the session can become.
  4. If you are using our phone option, have paper and pen handy. Write down or make notes using key words, or insights given. On email or chat readings a transcript is always available for you to reread.

While the majority of people seek Psychic guidance or Spiritual advice during times of chaos and difficulty, it’s also important to understand the benefits of a “Spiritual Check- up”. In fact it’s often advised to find a Psychic or Spiritual mentor when things are good, as it forms a strong foundation and bond for those times life becomes challenging. If you feel a bit skeptic, try to remain open minded, while our job is not to “convert” people into believers, chances are you will be converted. Professional Psychics and advisors have devoted their lives to honing these skills, increasing their control over their gifts, and for the majority this is a true calling, part of their life purpose.

A closer look;

A Psychic reading is the ability of a professional expert to assess your current energy (state of mind) tap into blocks or obstacles (those illusive or hidden sub-conscious tapes or memories that hold us back). A Psychic reading can and should quickly tap into your situation, help with your unique life purpose, sift through chaos and restore peace, and provide answers and often timelines to changes and/or shifts within your energy and life path. Unlike traditional counseling professional, experienced Psychics, Mediums and Spiritual advisors can tap into that invisible energy field and garner the facts needed in a matter of minutes. We can sort out conflict and chaos, restoring harmony to self and relationships. Our guidance and insight is unmatched in virtually every area of life, from relationships, to career changes, economic hardships, empowerment and attaining our true potential. We are dedicated to the highest good of all, united in our goal to help, and never judgmental. We are healers, helpers, mentors and counselors. We are the top in our field and Psychic or Spiritual health, insight and guidance is the fastest growing venue of all the Holistic arts. The only real question that remains unanswered? What are YOU waiting for!

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