~Reflections and Preparation~ November 2013

Chat with Maya Moon D,DivAuthor: Maya Moon D,Div.

My guides have been sharing fairly regular visions since around September of last year, 2012. I am shown a large screen similar to that of a theater or movie house and most of the information is passed via images, and also telepathic explanations, or warnings if needed.

This year has been filled with Universal influences and shifts and has been a time of struggle, conflict and crossroads. As we near the end of the year, the shifts again are taking place preparing us for the new year of 2014.

Strong weather patterns will be seen in many areas of the US and also in many countries. I am shown that southern or mid-south/central states within the US need to be prepared for unexpected winter pattern storms, with shifts in temperatures and the possibility of snowfall one day and thunderstorms, possibly even tornado or heavy rainfall.

My guides share that November is not only a time of preparation for an unusually weather related winter, but also on a spiritual and emotional basis. November will be a very strong month for inner reflection. Many of us humans will find we are reliving the past, looking for clues in understanding our obstacles, mistakes and opening our core being or our spiritual energy towards personal fulfillment and reaching our potential. While it’s never good to live in the past, November carries special purpose when we can re-visit past experiences as though on a journey and use these as learning tools and a basis for positive change. It’s important to know our past, in order to rebuild or reassess our goals for the future. This should be a time of a quiet reflection and be cautious of melancholy, again this is learning, not to be seen or felt as punishment or meant to degrade or “scold” us.

While the overall “theme” for most of us is going to be to reflect in a positive way in order to make way for healthy change, there are many that will also be making these changes or shifts in the month of November. Our natural intuition remains strong, so go with that gut feeling. For many a decision that has been gnawing away at their/our spiritual, emotional and cognitive self will become clear and although we may not physically make these changes or shifts in November, we will be guided on our path and intentions and preparations will be made.

November prepares us to reap the benefits and our inner goals that will present themselves later in December and into 2014. Reflection is our road map to where we have already journeyed and again we are preparing for a new “trip”.

Relationships are highlighted in November, with many of us accepting what we seemed unable to accept earlier in the year. We all have guides, we just don’t always understand how they are communicating, watching over us and helping to influence by leading us towards the light. So listen to your heart, reflect with some emotional detachment and prepare to walk in a new way. While many fears, financial, personal and Universal seemed to dominate the last couple of months, fear finally steps back so that we can reflect without being frozen and prepare to move forward in a positive and enlightening new way.

I am shown that many of us will be preparing to change jobs, careers, make moves, both local and long distance and be guided to pay closer attention to our health, again physical, emotional and Spiritual. While I have been shown that we need to prepare for the winter, just as the small creatures of the forest do, the more pressing issue is our Spiritual growth and the reflection and preparation which allow us to reap the very most from the coming months. Also I am shown that while many struggled in various situations, where conflict and/or confusion prohibited us from making a clear decision, then taking that to action, our Universal influence will shed light on such, so that what seemed impossible for September becomes almost easy for November.

It will be a time of greatness for humans, if we follow our guides, our intuition and try not to push ourselves too hard. Avoid being stuck by jotting down the changes that have been gnawing at you and prepare and reflect so that the following months bring the peace and joy that can come with positive change and shifts.

November is a strong and influential month that can offer us the strength of intentions and bring us closer to our higher self or core self, walking closer to the light of God or Divine and being “prepared” to follow through with what has bogged us down or blocked us in prior months.

I wish you much light and success as your personal journey is elevated to a point of clarity and wisdom, happiness and positive energy. So reflect and prepare, the best is yet to come!

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