Release Your Stress By Following These 5 Effortless Steps

How many of us let daily stress take over our emotions?  From fitting in all the activities for the kids, our partner and work in a day; to trying to find our own light and feeling so overwhelmingly disappointed.  It’s time to release this pressure we place upon ourselves.  We are so often our own worst critic.  By following these 5 tips, let us release some of that stress now.

By Guillermina Galván, M.S.O.M., Ac., D.D.

By Guillermina Galván, M.S.O.M., Ac., D.D.

Breath: Over-thinking stresses your mind and body out, relax and take 30 breaths.  If you don’t think you have the time for it then at least 10.  Breathing in deeply with your lower abdomen allowing the golden light of serenity to enter your body and soul.  As you inhale through your nose allow your lower abdomen to inflate and as you exhale deflate.  With each exhale let out the toxins of self-doubt and negative energy of others.  And with each inhale, bring in your hopes and dreams, solidify them with the all knowing that you can accomplish anything and you will.

Sing: Singing is one of the most overlooked healing experiences.  Singing can be from your favorite oldies song to a chant or mantra you completely resonate with.   Releasing stress through your lungs releases old grief and past experiences you haven’t let go of.   We must heal to remove these blockages for it is these blockages that prevent us from excelling in our present activities.  The lungs connect to the heavenly energy and the cleaner they are the more accurately we hear the messages of the Divine.  Messages on how best to excel in our life to accomplish our destiny.

Exercise: Movement is so crucial, it not only helps our blood fill with oxygen, and circulate life throughout our body it also breaks up emotional stagnation.  This emotional stagnation can fester causing us to feel more stress even when we know we are capable of handling it.  Exercise we do can be as simple as walking or taking a great yoga class!  The idea is that we experience something enjoyable; our body awakens and flushes out the muck leaving us feeling fresh and clean!

Love yourself: We go around helping others, from strangers to our family every day and this can get exhausting because we forget to love our self.  So painting-fingernails-635261_1280once a week or whenever you feel you need it and you are able to, treat yourself.  Paint your nails, read a book, consult one of our love & relationship advisors or simply treat yourself to your favorite tea.  Take time for you.  We can only give to others as much as we have, if we are constantly giving and not nourishing ourselves then we are left depleted.  So time to put some credit in your account, besides you deserve it! I

Forgive yourself: It is okay that you didn’t get everything done today, or you may have not have done something as perfect as you wanted.  You learn from one moment to the next, you become a better person each day so forgive yourself for not being perfect.  Within imperfection lies perfection so release and let go of what wasn’t flawless.  Smile, you are amazing just as you are and each day you evolve more.

Breathe.  Sing.  Exercise.  Love yourself.  Forgive yourself.

It is a wonderful thing being human, we aren’t perfect and we have so much to learn but one of the things we are capable of is so much love.  So take in that fresh breath of air-take 30 of them everything will still be there when you’re done.  Sing or chant like you and the heavens are one melodic beat that just makes your soul dance in the air around you.  Exercise -keep that body moving, your body is your lifelong temple nourish it.  Love yourself, you are the foundation of your life and those around you, love yourself so you have more to give and because loving ourselves is a part of being honest to our own needs.  Forgive yourself for not being your idea of perfection, remember all those whose lives you changed even if it was just by a smile on a rough day-remember your imperfections are perfection.

Blessings of love and light!

Chat Now With: Guillermina Galván

Chat Now With: Guillermina Galván

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