Sagittarius Man And Love – Essential Facts To Know

So you’ve fallen in love with a Sagittarius man. Congrats!

Now comes the fun part.  If you’re expecting someone to act like anything or anyone you know, you’re going to be mistaken. A Sagittarius man is someone who is truly in tune with himself and always aware of everything that is going on around him aDivine Messenger Zuco Cardt all times. He’s never fooled because he wasn’t paying attention. He’s always searching for the meaning of his life or the universe at large. He’s always studying or learning something new. He can bore easily especially with a partner that is closed minded or stuck in their ways. He will have no patience for that whatsoever. If you’re not prepared to drop everything and just explore his world, on his terms, then you’ll find that his calls and texts may stop pretty abruptly. A Sagittarius man won’t just stop trying though. Oh no, he will first see if there is anything to salvage. He’ll give you a chance, every chance to redeem yourself. To prove to him you’re as open minded as he is. That you’re willing to take that step towards the unknown. Because that is what you are getting into with a Sagittarius man.  He’s looking for a partner in crime, travel, love and if possible, the universe at large.

Sagittarius Man Personality

They are not commitment phoebes, but they aren’t monks either. They can be serial flirts and can find themselves idealizing a potential partner to the point of forgetting everyone and everything else. They can become obsessed with you and want nothing else.

Trouble is that this can happen to them on a daily basis. It will be up to you to give him a little bit of room to play and explore what could be is head rather than try to keep him on a very short leash. Keep him close of course but don’t try to control him.

Sagittarius ImageThere are never any guarantees with any sign in terms of whether or not they will cheat. And he’s no different. He’s loyal to the end but that doesn’t mean that he’s blind either.

Sagittarius men can be very direct and plain spoken. Not meaning to be hurtful and malicious. They just don’t think before they speak. If they think, they feel that it’s ok to share with you. Especially if it’s something that you could benefit from.  They are also very open minded to the idea of others teaching them or sharing wisdom, even if means that they will be the subject of the criticism.

So if you decide to take a chance on your appearances and he doesn’t agree, he’ll tell you. If you want to know if those pants make you look fat, don’t ask him!

On the other hand, his honesty is something that you can and should value. It’s a rarity for a man to ignore his partner’s feelings in order to adhere to an elevated sense of honesty.  Sometimes honesty is the best policy. With him, you’ll never have to question his motives. He’ll always tell you how he feels and what his opinions are, whether or not he agrees with you.

There are always going to be exceptions to the rules.

Ways to attract a Sagittarius Man

From personal experience, I have found that a Sagittarius man does not enjoy being chased. He is the perennial hunter. He is carrying a bow, arrow and is half centaur. If that doesn’t do it nothing else will.

So don’t go chasing him. He wont’ know what you’re up to and will run away from you instead of turning to face you. It can become quite the frustrating experience.

Sagittarius Image

Be coy, be hard to find, be difficult to reach but when he does get a hold of you, make it worth his while. Tease him, share, talk about everything that he wants to talk about. Even if it bores you to death. And there will be some of those things, his passions that will definitely not appeal to you all the time. But you’d be wise to listen and engage him.

A Sagittarius man will never be satisfied with looks alone. The mind is key for him. He has high standards in a partner. They are almost ideals. You will have to have great features physically, mentally and emotionally. He likes to be challenged and hates boredom. You can never rest on your laurels or get in a comfort zone with him.

If you are in his sights, you should know that he never misses. When he draws his bow and releases his arrow, the only question will be when and not if.

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