Saving Your Love: Nothing Else Matters!

Having read for thousands of people over the course of my lifetime, I’m often asked what is the most common problem that I’ve come across. I would have to say that love and relationships is the most recurring theme.

There are some common issues that can be identified with some, others not so much. What has amazed me is how quickly we forget why we got into the relationship to begin with.

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By: Divine Messenger Zuco

By that I’m not speaking on the attraction or the magic that we felt initially. I’m not even talking about the passion that ignited that flame of the soul that lighted our way. I’m speaking about the love that bound us to each other. Real pure genuine love.  A love that defies logic and any analytical process. A love that you just know.

That love is without measure. It can’t be counted by numbers or units. It’s beyond our ability to even understand. But we know how it makes us feel.

Those feeling include:

  • Security
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Joy

And many other feelings and emotions, some of which haven’t been properly identified even now. All we know is that the relationship makes us feel good!

When we find our relationships suffering for any number of reasons it can often be due to:

  • Betrayal
  • Mistrust
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Interference

Or many other issues that this article won’t allow us to touch on right now. These issues then become the focus. Nothing else matters as much as the issue at hand. We put all of our energies into either understanding the problem or finding a way out of it.

It doesn’t take too long for the issues and problems to displace everything else. We lose sight of what matters. Why we are fighting and what we are fighting for.




I’ve often told my clients over the years the same thing. Forget why, who and where. Forget, who said what to you, what your partner did to you or said to you. Overlook EVERYTHING. Focus on the love in you. Ask yourself do I still love him or her. Focus on the love that you have for them.


caucasian-84418_1280Look at the talk, the gossip, the Facebook posts by their ex’s as static that is interfering with the signal that allows you both to be as one, to remain connected and content with each other.


All of the insecurities and fears that you feel and face are only made worse by the act of trying to focus on all the negative aspects of what is happening around you. Too often we focus on the noise around us. It is about learning what to hold on to and what to let go. When you ignore the static, no matter how loud or seemingly scary, you then find it so much easier to focus on what matters. You clear away the fluff that is distracting you.

How they make you feel. When things are good how good are they?  Focus on that feeling. Make that your priority. Don’t make what you think, need want or what another has be the priority right now. When you do, you are putting YOU ahead of US.

When you focus on what works for BOTH of you. You cannot go wrong. When you are lost in thought about how that person makes you feel, made you feel, does for you, how those positives make you float on a cloud, you forget everything else. You gain perspective. In the end, that’s what it’s all about. Being happy and in love with your partner. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Everything is just noise.

Take a moment to contemplate that love. As you do, visualize that love as a pink light in your heart. Do you see dark clouds surrounding it? See that light shining brighter, even as you feel that love growing deeper. Bring to mind those moments that changed everything. That told you, they are the one!

Keep doing this until that pink light within you grows stronger and until it completely envelopes your body. CHOOSE to ignore the worries, doubts and uncertainties. It’s just static. A lot of it is not even important in the long run.

What is important is that love, that bond, that energy, that is a combination of YOU and THEM. Focus on what matters. Not on what doesn’t.  The rest will resolve itself.

If you’re feeling confused, or looking for some relationship advice that you can count on then feel free to find me on Kasamba for a chat, or just click on the bottom below!

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Chat Now With: Divine Messenger Zuco



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