September Forecast: A Month of Calm Energy and Reflection

A Month of Calm Energy and Reflection


Although our journey never truly stops regardless of month or year, September enters with
a much quieter energy compared to the pace of the rather hectic months we have just finished.  This month will be a good time to take a step back and reflect after other more busy and energetic months. I have prepared a spiritual guide for the month of September.  The main idea to remember in September is that this slow paced month is still a part of our journey and “a walk remember.”

1. 100mph to Cruise Control Chat with Maya Moon D,Div

September is a time to shift gears to a slower pace, but I advise you to remember that it should not be a time to mistake slow for complacency or inaction. This month we see Mercury going retrograde around the 17th, so it makes sense that September is a month of emitting caution over spontaneity, while we continue to pursue our true path, purpose, and individual lessons.  I urge you to focus more on your spiritual self this month and spend time reflecting on embracing that which is beyond our control. Think of this month as a time to yield and reflect rather than a full stop sign.

2. The New Social Butterfly

This month’s slow pace will affect the relationships in your life. For those in healthy and stable relationships, you may feel like you are on auto-pilot and not notice any significant changes between your partner and yourself. If you find yourself in a complicated relationship, you will continue to spill unnecessary resources (time, love, energy) into your relationship without receiving the desired change you have been hoping for. Although September is a slow month, it is a very social month with the opportunity to meet new friends and possibly even making a connection that will lead you to your future loved one. I encourage you to reflect and think about what you like and don’t like in your current or future relationship. Taking time to think about the relationships in your life will allow you to understand exactly what you desire and deserve in a healthy and fulfilled relationship.


3. Hello Autumn!

Following the idea of the calm September month, the weather will also be tranquil. The weather patterns should remain normal throughout the world.  Despite various warnings about upcoming storms, there is no need to worry. I predict that many storm threats will fade or lose strength before any major land damage occurs. I urge you to remember that just like in life when things become complicated like an unpredicted storm, focus on remaining calm and finding happiness within the storm.

4. Your Monthly Riches

The economy will also follow the peaceful September trend. I see that gains or growth will be slow and steady and we won’t see any crashes or spikes. Those looking to buy a house will find success because September will be a great month for buyers. If you are looking for a job or in the process of a career change, you will begin to see small positive changes in your efforts due to Mercury going retrograde. Remember that any important changes you intentionally make in your life should be done with some thought and intention this month.

5. Matters of State

The upcoming U.S. presidential elections will continue to get more heated despite the overall less stressed September month. I urge you to take the extra time to spend thinking about the words of the leaders of this country and to evaluate how you really feel about them. As the elections become closer, you will be exposed to more and more promises and half truths so now is the time to really determine what you wish for the future.


Even though September will be steady and calm, it will still be a month to remember. For those constantly feeling stressed and busy, this is the time you finally need to catch up and feel at ease. Hopefully you will be able to reach a relaxed -state that will allow you to be able to reflect and feel comfortable following your instincts or making a decision that you have been contemplating for awhile. I encourage everyone not to run, but to stride with grace and harmony.  So sit back, relax, and have an amazing month!



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