September Spiritual Guidance: Honor the Harvest

September Spiritual Harvest

Time of Gratitude and Grace


September is the iconic month of the “farmer”, a time of hard work and plentiful blessings for all that has been given these past 8 months. We can reap what we have sown with much to share or raze the land leaving nothing for next year’s planting.

Universal Lesson and Message

September is a month of toil, work and the opportunity to see all of what we have provided or achieved be finally realized. While it certainly can be a time of great bounty and blessings, it is also a time of caution and controlling our greed. Just as the farmer must gather his crops while leaving his soil rich or ripe with nutrients so next year’s crop yields all that is needed, spiritually we are asked to do the same in the ninth month of a very prophetic year. Our lessons have been significant and numerous but for those of us that have traversed this far, there is a sense of great accomplishment and fulfillment and even a sense of pride.
The energy for September spreads across one of our longer months, and one that also often represents a change in seasons among other shifts. Although we have been through the navigation or maneuvers of balance, of finding our way forward while embracing the now and releasing the past without forgetting what has been learnt.
September is powerful in not just what we can obtain for today but the mantra that will likely follow us throughout the rest of 2016. For humans, it is a temptation indeed to gather more than what is necessary because we have suffered through dry spells or spiritual droughts. We have also felt many challenges upon our spiritual connection and the ability to maintain both faith and hope. And although for most this September proves to be a generous and benevolent month, we must be ever conscious of the path ahead, the needs that may arise and that life is always a maze of shifts, twists and turns.


Lesson Becomes Two-Fold

Using all that is available to reach our highest spiritual evolution, and recognizing that energy, and all that we possess must be used with common sense and caution. As the symbolic farmer knows, many months of winter can easily and often quickly empty the shelves before the next crop. And perhaps even more important is the lesson and message that as we take what has been earned, we leave behind a legacy that awaits ready to be reunited with the Divine, the collective and all that we have struggled to become.


Love and Relationships

September offers plenty and in a variety of ways. Platonic relationships, friendships and family interactions tend to be more compassionate and generous. If we open our spiritual and emotional selves to sharing our “bounty” we find that shall be returned to us over and over. Life partners or soul mates seem to be in the most unexpected of places and be prepared for many opportunities. In September for those that are seeking a life partner it may very well be in the midst of some minor crisis or set-back, they suddenly appear.

September is filled with surprises and unexpected encounters and we are urged to follow through and see where these may take us.

September Spiritual Guidance

For those in committed relationships, if we keep to our Universal lesson of reaping what has been sown but also leaving a foundation for the future, we find strength in bonds and often new levels of sharing. For many couples, September will be a strong month for pregnancies, adoption and adding to the family. For those in relationships that are just not healthy or functional, there shows to be quite a bit of squabbles and for many the constant anxiety will prove to be too much. We are given a bit of a boost in self-image this month and for many that is all it takes to be able to release, let go and move on.


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Economy Jobs and Careers

Being a month of abundance, we see some fairly significant growths in the economy. There will be fairly significant gains from energy industries and those involved in interfacing and computerized divisions. Careers all seem to get a bit of a boost assuming one has worked hard, keeping to their path and faith. Business’s also continue to do well as again this month of “reaping” is the reward but also tinged with our ability to keep one eye on the future. Rather than a trade off as we have seen in prior months, this September many of us can have it all. When it comes to real estate as predicted earlier as the pricing rises, caution should be used in purchases near the larger cities or metropolitan areas. For buyers, the market is perfect for those wanting a more rural lifestyle. Sellers will have more competition but this also helps push up prices, so although it may take longer the profit is generally greater.


September Spiritual Guidance


Weather Patterns and Trends

We have seen a lot more of the expected patterns in almost all locations and this feels to continue. It does feel that more than one country may receive some fairly significant and unexpected weather events, so we are wise to prepare for sudden storms, and fire will also continue to be a potential threat. The coastal regions seem especially vulnerable, so residents and visitors may want to keep a close watch on fast moving systems. In sync with our lesson and the theme of the “harvest” time will be of the essence during any of these potentially potent storms.


Politics, Elections, Leaders and National Security

Globally we are still under the threat of terrorism. Although September feels to be without incident the first half, the second half could bring another round of destruction. Those campaigning, such as in the US presidential race, seem to toggle between the important issues and resorting to slanderous approaches. Which the media is still utilizing but as predicted there remains a calmer and more honorable approach to reporting. My guides feel that the end of September will bring an end to at least one leader’s reign of power. Those fighting the “good fight” and placing the collective first will see more and more the “harvest” of the spiritual light and the power intentions have over those intent on destruction.


Your September Takeaway

September is the symbolic month of the harvest; working hard to clear the fields and preparing for the time of rest. The land renews as we do spiritually, the bounty or yield is all that we have given and heeded. As we move through the month of September not only are we asked universally to assess what we have produced and to embrace what has been provided. But also a time to keep an eye on the long winter ahead (metaphoric not always literally) so our gifts last and we face the next season of planting with anticipation and faith. The harvest is not just a collection of needs or even wants but the lesson of there is always a time for each season and another year that waits upon the horizon.
Our spiritual “field” should be rich and fertile, ready to release its abundance today, yet without depletion or abandonment. A month of strong tides, strong winds, new ideas and we all are connected to the spiritual “cache” that holds all that is necessary. In many ways, September becomes the gateway, the entrance and the exit between all that has been, all that is and all that surely can be.


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