Soul Mates v/s Life Partner – Who are you really dating?

How would you describe your current partner? Are you with your soul mate, life partner or Is He/She simply holding back from the one you are meant to be with? As a Love, and Relationship expert, I have come to realize that most people truly do want to experience real love. The fact is that there are many different types of love. Your version of love may not necessarily be the version of love that your partners or love interest has. That does not mean that one person’s love is better or worse. It simply defines who you are as a person, and as a partner. One thing is for certain though. Regardless of what your version of love is, it surely will break your heart if it does not last. There is no changing of one’s self that can hold a relationship together that is not meant to be. Some people are truly only meant to be in your life for certain reasons, and at specific times.

SeekYourDestiny with Gina

By: Seek Your Destiny with Gina

It is easy to lose yourself in a relationship. You get caught up in the idea of what you think love is supposed to be, and forget about everything you have learned from your past relationships. The reason behind this is that you find yourself spending so much time with your new partner that you begin to let go of the things that mattered to you before. Some people are terrified of being independent from their partner, while others feel that they will eventually lose their partner if they continue to be their true self which is often due to a low self-esteem and fear of heartache that lingers from their past relationships. That is why it is important to learn what love truly means to you, and what you need from a relationship to feel happy, and secure.

For some love is gentle, and kind. Those are often the relationships that slowly pass through your life leaving you with what appears to be little to no lasting effect. It is that type of relationship that is dismissed as holding no true value. However, those are the key relationships that put you on the path to the true love that awaits you.

Some relationships are predestined. They are intense from the start. It is those relationships that awaken your soul, and open up your heart in a way that only a true soul mate could. They tear down your walls, draw you in, and always linger in your heart. This is not to be confused with a life partner. A life partner is someone you chose to be with. It is an psychological connection. Someone who shares your thoughts, and beliefs. This is a relationship in which you chose to accept their flaws, and commit yourself to him/her in a long term relationship with the belief that this is the best relationship for you.

There are no wrong decisions when choosing who to be with as long as you are being treated with love, and respect. Soul mate connections often leave you with no choice. Life partners almost always feel like the safest choice. Yet, You have to learn to trust in your heart, and be true to who you really are. Becoming someone that you think will be loved is not the same as receiving unconditional love. Finding your true happiness is being able to look at your partner,  know that you are not settling, and that what you two share is something you are meant to discover regardless if it’s meant to be or not.

If you are confused, or if you think you found your soulmate but aren’t sure, then feel free to speak to me on or click on the link below and I will provide you with my professional and intuitive guidance.  Blessings!

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  • Flirting is part of the natural process of being on a date. A joke or a smile will signal whether or not the date is going well and can relax the mood. Like with everything – moderation is the key, do what comes naturally to you. You don’t have to try TOO hard, let it come naturally.

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