Soulmates 101 – Part 1

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What is a soul mate? Where do they come from? Where can you get one?

There is a common misconception that soulmates mean amazing romance, lifelong bliss, and complete happiness.

The most important things to know about soul mates are

  1. You have many of them.
  2. They are not all romantic soulmates.
  3. Soul mates can be very confusing, complex, and cause more pain than bliss.

In the best circumstances a soul mate, be they a romantic soul mate or not, will bring happiness into your life, a new understanding, perhaps a new perspective. You will find that you learn something of value from a soul mate. Even in a situation that is not optimal, with a soul mate that drives you batty, you will find some lesson to embrace, that without them you never would have discovered. Soul mates help to open our eyes to ourselves. They awaken our belief system, help us with inner growth, yet sometimes can cause us great internal conflict.


What is it about some soul mates that make us feel so conflicted? Why does it have to be so confusing? If you think about it, spirituality itself is about energy, both the negative and the positive, and without both charges of energy in our lives we would never grow as spiritual beings.

So where do soul mates come from? In order to truly believe in soul mates one must also believe in reincarnation, which means you then believe in past lives. Without past life experiences we cannot have soul mates. Soul mates are souls that are destined to make contact to teach each other. We travel within soul groups to gain life experiences, often in conjunction with our soul mates’ own experiences.

So how do you know if you are having a soul mate experience? Often a soul mate is felt in the connection you have with another person, although being intensely in love does not always mean you are with a soul mate. Sometimes you will meet someone who grew up halfway across the country, or in another country altogether, yet you find you have a very similar background, have had similar life experiences, or even have some uncanny connections.

One client of mine, who thought she had found one of her soul mates, discovered that she and the other person had the following connections:

  1. Both of their kindergarten teachers had the same first and last name.
  2. They both were raised in a home with the house number of 1047.
  3. Both individuals set out to go to law school but instead shifted gears in their second year of college to business.
  4. Both people had experienced loss of a parent at the age of 13.

As you can see, these are very distinct similarities. Granted, if we surveyed the Earth we could probably find a number of other people with the same four connections. That does not necessarily make them all soul mates, but the fact that these two met, at a seminar, in neither of their own countries, and felt an intense connection outside of simple physical attraction, even though complete strangers, gives some weight to consider that they may be soul mates. That is when I was contacted to do a soul mate reading on their energy.

Not only did we discover that they are soul mates, but that they are primary soul mates, making their connection even more important at this stage of their lives. Their soul mate reading revealed that they were not intended to meet until they had established their personal paths, had their own personal stability, and were truly ready to settle down.

Having met one another did not make previous people they had been in love with, or a relationship with, any less valuable. If not for their previous love relationships, it is likely the two of them would never have met, or had they, they might not have been able to move forward in a healthy connection with each other. The best soul mate connections come to us when both energies are prepared, and on the correct level for the purpose that was intended in the soul contract. Oftentimes, however unfortunate, we meet soul mates before we, or they are prepared. This is when we have soul mate conflict.

Yes, we can filter through many soul mates of different types throughout one lifetime, and we hope that at some point, we will find and end up with the one we are “meant” to be with, but you must understand one core principle of soul mates: whichever one you are with now, is the one you are “meant” to be with, for now.

Azzrian Visions is a specialist in Soulmates and Past Life Readings. She has been with Kasamba since May 2005 and has been in private practice since the 1980’s.

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