~Spiritual Eclipse~ May 2014 Predictions

MayaMoonButtonAuthor: Maya Moon D, Div

May shows itself to be a time of significant spiritual expansion, and, much like a lunar eclipse, for many of us our spiritual growth and personal connections to Universe, God, Higher Power and Creator will have the potential to “cover” or overrule our ego (conscious) thoughts and intentions during this time. Following on the heels of the unprecedented opportunities we were provided in March, it truly is a time of enlightenment and awakenings. May allows us to connect to our spirituality and to take part in the movement that begins the culmination of 2014’s ultimate universal goals and shifts. For those of us who have continued to struggle with acceptance or conflict, letting go with confidence and faith predominates our collective energies, and the higher meanings in life are easily attained and embraced to allow a “state of grace” more profound than any other time thus far this year.

  1. Emphasis will be shifted to serving others as well as being driven to serve our highest self and path.
  2. The universal lesson appears to be more focused on absorbing the prior shifts, unleashing our powerful spiritual growth and following this higher vibration. We will be surrounding ourselves with peace and remarkable acceptance and understanding.
  3. Finances and careers rise successfully and any changes will be driven by intrinsic needs and the underlying pull of energy to serve not only self but others in the most pure form.

After having struggled during the first five months of the year, after March’s powerful transitions of finally feeling rewards and the harvest of all our sacrifices with rewarding results, May focuses on raising our consciousness and emphasizes our connection to all living energies. While relationships again become a main focus, in May this focus becomes universal as our spiritual connections drive us to a universal awareness of the collective relationship we have with all that is living, and brotherhood or the feeling of placing others over self is a strong drive and we embrace the relationship we share with each life force. While personal relationships will also be affected, there should be little in the way of major shifts or changes as these should have been dealt with, therefore most humans will find that this higher state brings newfound joy and peace in all of our social interactions.

Any shifts or changes that are needed to restore our spiritual peace will be done with little sacrifice or hardships. For those in current relationships there is a significant feeling of renewed connection and for those searching, May attracts the highest of what we need, focusing again on our spiritual energy and needs as opposed to our ego (conscious or external) needs and desires.

As the weather has played a huge role in our life, from unprecedented storms and record breaking/setting temperatures, major shifts and horrendous patterns of instability finally have let loose their grip. For most of us, regardless of the actual season, we see much more “normal” weather patterns and finally feel out of this tumultuous instability. As my guides have often reminded us, our weather systems often reflect our collective conscious or universal lessons and our spirituality and the calm finally settles on the land.

Careers and finances will also be stabilized and any changes or shifts will be only to serve our highest potential. While the actual or literal economy may not appear to have significantly changed, it’s our spiritual view that allows us to place our hedonistic pursuit of money, wealth or success second to our personal happiness and most importantly, our conscious awareness of others and their plights.

The media focus will shift a bit, and stories of heroism, human interest-type reporting will be rising, with a variety of stories that reflect on the true “goodness” of mankind. Therefore the media will be drawn to these numerous acts of generosity and perseverance of our spirit and soul.

For most humans, it will be actually quite difficult to be led astray, and we will be swept into this era of light, awareness of our “brothers and sisters” within the world and there is a profound feeling of connection that will be difficult to disobey. If there are warnings or obstacles, these will be targeted towards those that have no spiritual sense of self or others, and these although few and far between will quickly find themselves without purpose or meaning. In many respects this is a rapture of what our 2014 universal lessons have been guiding us towards. While we may not all be raised without setbacks later in the year, many of us will be elevated to our highest potential and will cling to this peaceful and graceful understanding and acceptance of human err and easily forgive past grudges and hurts.

May is a highly spiritual month, and if we embrace this higher energy, it allows powerful calm and soothing energies to envelop us as humans, therefore each and every aspect of our human life will be resurrected in hope and gratitude.

Globally we should see a respite from war or the threat of wars, and unity will be seen worldwide. Leaders of all over the world will reach out the proverbial hand, and be more open and willing than ever before to work in harmony, restoring peace from a place of extended brotherhood, as opposed to fear of being defeated or hopeless opposition. May is extremely spiritual and all of us will find some way of connecting to our higher self and to others. Our intuition will be raised along with our consciousness towards others, as opposed to the more traditional “me first.”

This rise in consciousness will bring a sense of global peace and awareness and it is the beginning of dramatic changes that will lead many back to their faith and religious beliefs and practices will grow with unprecedented shifts. We will have the potential to view our human life as a small part of our journey, yet at the same time we will be quite aware of how each of us can make a difference in what our world reflects or achieves.

May is drenched with spirituality, and so powerfully strong that as humans all we really are required to do is to allow; to open that door and allow your honorable intentions and intrinsic drive of helping others to grow, as universal law always shows us that all that we give to others, or the world, whether literal or simply the intention is returned back to us tenfold. It is a time of peace, which brings certain prosperity and acceptance which allows for understanding. Harmonize and align yourself with the universe, and the intrinsic and personal rewards will be nothing short of amazing.

I send my light to those that hold each “torch” and may you find the spiritual truth that frees the chains in this month of magnificence!

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