Spiritual Monthly Guidance Revealed – July 2015

“Exploration versus Deterioration”

As June passes and we enter the influences of July for many of us the challenges faced were many, but the outcome provided that “view” otherwise unseen.

Chat with Maya Moon D,Div

Chat with Maya Moon

July is once again a month of powerful Universal energies that steer us along a spiritual course. The Collective lesson is that we focus our perception towards embracing the potential (exploring) rather than allowing shifts, changes or circumstances beyond our control to define us (deterioration).

Relationships will become affected but the overall theme is again our “chosen view” rather than what exists simply in the present. My guides believe that our weather patterns and systems are always symbolic to the Universal influences or energies and as such, when it rains it pours and when it’s dry its drought. We should witness much inconsistency but less in disasters. The economy rebounds well; and many will either be transitioning into new careers, jobs or business ventures begun last month or find you are in the midst of unforeseen change. Again the potential for that “blessing in disguise” is everywhere, but we must choose the spiritual faith and mindset to find it. The media takes focus on that of human interest stories and is almost invasive with several or more well-known sports, music and actors/actresses. Gossip feels unrelenting.

1) The Universal Message:

Because July is shown to be a month of many shifts in all directions; the intention is our ability to be flexible rather than rigid. The direction our life and/or path turn’s even when much is a current situation or circumstance beyond our control is based on our inner perception. For those of us that can accept what is and embrace the potential to explore new options with hope and faith our driving force or influence, we shall reap much abundance both internal and external. Our self and world view will define our future and shape the next steps we take. For those that becomes rigid with fear or resistant even when much proves beyond our control, our purpose, drive and motivation faces possible deterioration and the breakdown of spiritual vitality. The key is to accept what has been placed before us and much like the artist with canvas and paint, create and embrace the future. The past is repeated ONLY when we bring it, so leave it behind. There is a light shining and we each can find what that means for our life but again we must believe in self and the promise of tomorrow.paintbrush-316618_1280

2) Relationships:

The focus is certainly romance and for those still single there exists some abundant opportunities to meet our soul mates and/or life partners. Remember the key here is “exploration”, so it’s important we do not limit our selves nor our romantic life with fears of being alone or by over compensating. Now is the time to set the bar high and expect to attract whatever we truly need and of course desire. For existing relationships; there will be challenges with roles being shifted or reversed and our potential again is to explore with an open heart various options. Perception becomes the true limit and for those that are unable to bend or give, there will be damages and for some it may become beyond repair. As much as we may try to cling to what has been our “constant”; those relationships that have barely staggered along the Universe will use this month’s energy to reinstate our individuality and the potential to detach from any toxic or unhealthy unions. That which becomes disconnected or cannot withstand is only intended to assist us in the ability to release so we are free to embrace that which waits up ahead. In a sense almost all relationships will be tested and the answer is as easy as we allow it to be; and difficult or disruptive only when we attempt to stop growth and visualize various options rather than only one acceptable outcome or role.

3) Weather patterns:

Symbolic and demonstrative of our Collective or Universal lessons and potential the weather seems ever-changing. From above average highs to record lows, the scheme remains the same. We cannot stop the rain, nor cause the sun to shine brighter however we can and certainly should alter our own perception (or roles) so that we create and shift to become not complacent but accommodating. Have a picnic indoors, dance in the rain, let yourself be amazed by the colors of clouds or watch the sunrise. Allow the unexpected or the sudden shift to empower your imagination and laugh at Mother Nature in true joy.


4) The economy careers and finances:

For most parts of the globe the economy remains fairly stable and strong. There is a strong undercurrent that is shifting many when it comes to jobs, business ventures or enterprise and career paths. For most these are or have the potential to be blessings in disguise. There are several factors and/or Universal influences that are a bit like the old game of “musical chairs” and while present circumstances around jobs/careers and higher education may be challenging in the present; again we are reminded of the future- we can embrace these opportunities to explore new ventures and limitless chances or we become distressed, overwhelmed and unable are then allowing circumstance rather than self to deteriorate and define us. New business’s show great potential for prosperity and growth, so long as we readily explore all of our options rather than limiting our roles or that which we envision as possible. While transitions are always a bit stressful, we do not necessarily have to collect each bit of “what if’s” and instead we are all equally given the choice to choose to believe. All those that enable or empower their self and path with the myriad of new choices now made available, the sky truly is the limit (no limits).

5) The media and governing forces, political and ruling leaders:

There is a sense of quiet amongst the political and ruling arena. This sends the media off to invade the lives’ of the “rich and famous” or those that we have come to know for their contributions in music, television or the big screen. With the media taking a break from the almost constant negativity or “fear” mongering, it becomes a bit of a 3 ring circus as private lives are placed on display and information or no real value is broadcast over and over. It truly amounts to no more than a broad venue for gossip and while certainly disruptive to those being the object of such personal disclosures, the public becomes bored and we all can find some respite from the worry so often created.

We are now entering into the seventh month of a very profound and spiritually provocative year. July keeps the trend moving with continued shifts, changes and influences all intended to help us achieve our highest spiritual connections. While it certainly is a month of many unexpected challenges and twists and turns along our journey, one thing rises to the top and becomes abundantly clear. We each have the chance and the choice to take what we have been given and go forward “exploring” all that may lie ahead or we can sink in spirit and mind and let circumstances not only define what we believe and what we perceive but “deteriorate” our own powerful potential for creating and embracing the future~

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