Spiritual Survival Guide For The 2014 Holiday season

December through January is a vibrant time of year where most of us are celebrating and/or recognizing some type of holiday. And whether you are lighting the Menorah for Hanukkah or placing an angel atop the Christmas tree, it’s a season filled with joy and good will. Although many of us differ in the way or reason we celebrate, it’s a busy time often filled with travel plans and family gatherings that bring us together with those we love.

No matter what your holiday plans may be, the truth is, not all of us will make the perfect backdrop for a Normal Rockwell painting; and amidst the joy, excitement and planning, this can also become the most stressful times of year.

It’s not uncommon to feel the financial strain & the trepidation of spending time with various family members we may not always get along with, so here are some tips on keeping your spiritual self in harmony while facing the various challenges that are bound to appear:

1) Find Some Quiet Time

Find private quiet time or moments to meditate or just take a few deep breaths. For those of us that are hosting family and friends or those of us who are traveling to spend time with others, the chaos and mixture of personalities can be overwhelming. Take a walk, volunteer to run to the store, or create other opportunities to get some alone time. Don’t let your spiritual energy be depleted, make time for you.

2) Remember, This Too Shall Pass

Remember that the holiday season is short and passes quickly. Focus on the positive factors and don’t allow others to overcome your holiday your holiday cheer.

3) Don’t Forget To Budget

Stick to your budget and be creative if you participate in gift giving. No matter what your specific holiday, everyone appreciates something from the heart and let your intentions show rather than obsessing over price tags.

4) It’s OK To Say No

Don’t force yourself to participate with or in those situations which compromise is simply impossible. It may be healthier to be alone, or have a small gathering then to place your spiritual or emotional well-being at risk by forcing yourself to attend festivities that cause disruption and anxiety.

5) Pick Your Battles

Ask yourself if any of this will really matter next month or next year. Sometimes turning the other cheek and/or ignoring those that thrive on drama are the healthiest and most productive attitude and intention.

6) Have Realistic Expectations

If you already know from past holidays that certain family members are difficult or annoying be prepared and imagine a strong spiritual bubble or shield that keeps such persons from disrupting your well-being.

7) Keep Busy

Distract yourself from responding by keeping busy. Help with the cooking, or find something to keep you occupied. Avoid discussions on subjects that will never be resolved.

The most important part of this year’s holiday season is to not allow worry or fear take control of your holiday. Set good boundaries, lower unrealistic expectations and go day by day. Always be true to yourself and stay self-aware so your personal happiness and needs are met, while doing your best to release those minor annoyances that just seem to be part of the holiday adventure.

May you have a wonderful holiday season, surrounded by those you love, with time to retreat when needed and the ability to take the best of what the Universe has to offer and ignore the rest.

Chat Now With: Maya Moon

Chat Now With: Maya Moon

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