The 3 Factors to Find and Sustain True Love

Written by Compassionate kate – Love & Relationship expert

As a Love & Relationship Advisor for many years now, whether you’re still searching or already in a relationship, the following 3 Very Important factors is what you NEED to KNOW to not only Find but also secure REAL True Love:



Those 3 Factors are:

For those three have been the MOST helpful to me, as well as MANY clients that I’ve worked with over the past 25 years:

Now, 25 years ago I was a very young adult and back then, it was more about who you were going to marry rather than where you were going to college.

Regardless, I’ve always had a thirst for Knowledge and I LOVE to read both People and Books! AND yes, reading people is much easier for me than reading books.

However, I do recall one book in particular, that had a significant impact early on in MY life – “Being the Best” by Denis Waitley. After all, who doesn’t want to be the BEST? And who wouldn’t want their partner to be the best, right?

Well, over the years, the most important lesson I learned is sometimes people just do NOT have the same mindset as their partner.

More than likely, what we believe to be “The Best” is often times, quite different than what others believe “The Best” to be. Still, the goal – “the mindset” needs to strive to be the best at who we can each possibly be. And, while doing that, encourage others to do so as well.

That is what REAL true love is. It doesn’t even matter if you and your partner have similar or opposite interests. What matters is if both of you have a MUTUAL mindset to encourage & support one another on a consistent basis, and that is what brings us to:


WHY the 1st very important factor is KNOWLEDGE

Yes, Knowledge is Power, but only when we choose to learn, understand and THEN apply that knowledge to our everyday lives.

Now I know, that you’ll know you found your real true love when not only is there a physical attraction, but also that mutual mindset, that spoken and unspoken understanding between the two of you.

And YES, there will be times, even at the same time, where you will be physically attracted to multiple potential partners, however, you won’t know who your TRUE LOVE is really, until you’ve taken the time to get to KNOW them.

It is WISE to KNOW (learn, understand) why and where we and others consistently spend our time, energy and resources. For that is where the heart, mind, body and soul is. We have no control over our hearts but we do have control over our minds, bodies & souls.

And, because the mind, body and soul follow the heart, this is why it is very important for the mind to acquire knowledge, as well as the body and soul to receive nourishment. For that is what allows the heart to be able to receive and give love.


Which brings us to the 2nd very important factor in a Relationship: Intimacy

There’s physical intimacy, emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy. And, make no mistake about it, they occur in that order for the following to apply.

Physical intimacy is all about our senses. Our sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and let’s not forget, our sense of hearing. Does your partner listen to you and do you listen to your partner?

Because even if you have all the other senses working like clockwork, but you’re NOT listening to one another, then the two of you will NOT advance to the next level of intimacy… which is emotional intimacy.

Emotional intimacy occurs when two people communicate in such a way to one another, spoken and unspoken, where BOTH feel understood. Once emotional intimacy is achieved and sustained, where trust has been established and reinforced, then, and only then, will they be able to fully experience what True Lovers are supposed to experience – extremely gratifying sexual intimacy.

Sexual intimacy, to the extent where both consistently experience extremely gratifying sex, occurs due to the innate intelligence of our bodies. When the body, mind, heart and soul are all in sync with one another that is when the body releases a SIGNIFICANT amount of the natural hormone, Oxytocin, also known as the human super glue. Which brings us to:


The 3rd Very Important factor – Connections

Connections can be seen and unseen. They can be spoken or unspoken. They can be meaningless or meaningful. Many connections are the outcome of the Universal Law – “The Law of Attraction“

Now, I have done numerous research on the “Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” has been out for quite some time now. However, most still do not truly understand how the “Law of Attraction” works.

Yes, the Universal Law “Law of Gravity” is much easier to grasp because there is no doubt that eventually an apple will fall from the tree. However, most of the energy and work involved in the “Law of Attraction” is unseen and unspoken, and often not seen or confirmed until the timing is right.

Just like the apple that falls when it’s ripe, the outcome you attracted will happen when you are ready to receive it.

A Quote that comes to mind when thinking about the “Law of Attraction”, especially in contrast to the “Law of Gravity” is: “If you want to harvest ‘Golden Delicious’, then don’t plant Crab Apples”.

Our thoughts are like seeds. Our emotions is what fuels our thoughts and causes us into action. It is our actions that reveal where we spend our time, energy and resources CONNECTING with those who have Meaning, Value and Purpose in our lives.

Therefore, only when your most meaningful connections are the ones that occur between you and your partner on a consistent basis, only where the both of you continuously encourage one another to be the best you can be, that’s when You’ll know you found your REAL True Love.

If you would like to receive more in-depth knowledge or guidance on this subject matter you can contact me to receive a Confidential Live Chat Session or Phone Session on the link provided below.

Until then, much love and many continued blessings to all.

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