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The ABC’s of Spirituality

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What is Spirituality? Spirituality is very simply a recognition of your divine self, the soul within. It’s a realization of how you are connected to all of life around you: people, animals, the earth, and the cosmos. Our bodies are made of stardust, and our consciousness or spirit is what motivates us to be, create, and love. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. We’ve come into these human forms, to consciously recognize that a divine being or intelligence exists, that God exists. There are three simple ways to understand spirituality.

1.    It’s musical! Notice when you put on a beautiful piece of music that your spirit rises. The universe is like a song and we, all of life, are notes in this symphony of cosmic vibrations.  When you connect to the song of the universe, to your divine self, you can see forever. All the past and present combine to show you the possibilities that lay ahead all for your choosing.

2.     It’s a feeling! Spirituality is more of a “feeling” or an experience than anything else. It is governed by vibrations we feel all the time, joy, awareness, forgiveness, gratitude compassion, abundance. Yet you can feel the other side of that, darkness, depression, anger. When you are feeling the positive vibrations you are then in alignment with spirit (spirituality) or the divine.  A spiritual experience is usually triggered by any of these higher vibrations. So people have the capacity to experience spirituality every day.

3.     It’s love! Love truly makes the world go round. When you find true love it’s a spiritual experience because through the eyes of your lover you see your best self. When you feed the hungry, or nurture the downtrodden, or save an animal, or comfort a co-worker, or hold back judgments, you are displaying your higher self, your divine self, thus you are having a spiritual experience and most importantly you are being spiritual!

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Religion is often about loyalty to institutions, clergy, and rules. Spirituality is about loyalty to justice and compassion. Religion talks about God. Spirituality helps make us “godly.” There are no rules in spirituality except to stay open. To listen (meditate) to the eternal spirit that has been alive in you since God/Goddess thought the universe and all the cosmos into existence.

See yourself as a spiritual being. In the spirit world you are complete perfection, just as the Milky Way is perfect in its formation, or the sun in its perfection. Your light is constantly illuminating those around you. Just be aware of it and you’ll know the meaning of spirituality.

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