The Actor and The Human Rights Lawyer

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George Timothy Clooney, born May 6, 1961, has finally met the woman he intends to marry. Her name is Amal Alamuddin, a human rights lawyer.

For some reason, Amal’s details have been taken down from Wikipedia. I think this is probably because she represented Julian Assange on the Wikileaks case, when Julian was accused of sex assault charges and faced being extradited to Sweden. Or it could be because she and her parents fled Beirut when she was two to escape war in Lebanon and her new case that is pending. Whatever the reason, not having her birth date means that I cannot do a full chart for these two lovebirds like I usually do when I have full birth names and dates of birth. Your birth date, which I call the barcode of the soul, reveals so much information about you, a kind of DNA profile.

George is a very independent person who has strong views. He has stated many times that “I do’s” are not for him, being quite comfortable to spend life on his own. All that changed when Amal came along six months ago. She has won him over and although I do not know Amal’s birthdate, from her name I see that she is a very strong individual and also has a humanitarian side.

Since birth dates and full birth names tell so much about us and I do not have Amal’s I can only go on what I do know. Amal was born in Beirut, Lebanon and studied at Oxford University and the New York University of Law and will be representing Gadaffi’s henchman, who was implicated in a Libyan massacre in 1996. He will be tried in international criminal court for a fair trial.

This year for George is a personal year 9, which means things that he seals this year are likely to continue in the future, so this is a good time to get engaged and marry. It is also a year to let go of things that are not working for him and make sure that anything that needs to be completed, is. Charity work is also likely. He has already given so much of his time and financial assistance to humanity.

The strong 1 energy in Amal’s name shows someone who can control emotions very well. Being a lawyer is a profession well suited to this type of person. If there are any issues between these two they will both make sure that the other respects their point of view even if they beg to differ on their own truths.

Using my intuitive insights, I believe the two of them have a long journey ahead of them as long as they can both learn to live with their differences and accept them. It is true that often opposites attract. I would not say they are opposites exactly; however their life experiences have been vastly different, he the actor who lives a lot of fantasy through films and her very much in the real world.

I wish them all the best!

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