The powerful of energy of Moldavite and letting go

Moldavite is an apple green to pine green glass crystal with a wrinkled surface.  It was brought to earth by a meteorite more than 15 million years ago.  Not all meteors bring moldavite to the earth.  Only moldavite found in the Moldavia River Valley and surrounding area Bohemia in the Czech Republic is considered to be true moldavite. This unique crystal is a very powerful one and truly not of this earth.  Even those who are not sensitive to tactilely feeling crystal energy can usually feel the high, sweet and powerful energy of moldavite tingling in their hand.

Chat Now With: Susan Speaks With Spirit

Chat Now With: Susan Speaks With Spirit

Moldavite should not be kept near other crystals.  I keep mine in a small tin to shield myself and my other stones and crystals from its intense energy.  Its energy is that of transformation.  This stone can assist you in any transformation you’re looking to make such as personal relationships through your spiritual path.  Although it is also used as a protection stone, there is something to be said for being careful what you ask for while using moldavite.  With the energy of this stone one might feel a bit like a runaway train as it assists in the transformations in your life.  Its powerful energy can enact great change in a very short period of time.

I received my piece as a gift not long after my experiences in 9/11.  I was still in a very sad and damaged place emotionally and I started meditating with it and envisioning change in my life.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted those changes to be so I asked Universe to bring me to where my energy, talents and heart would do the most good and bring me the most joy.  I found myself hurtling down the path from working in Finance on Wall Street to spiritual work.  Quite a ride from one end of the spectrum to another!  The journey was fast and hard, but well worth it to me.  Once I realized I had gotten what I asked for I felt as if I was seeing daylight after a very long and dark tunnel.

MoldaviteMoldavite may also be used in the process of letting go of someone or something.  Let’s face it, sometimes things are just not meant to be and we’re left with the emotional aftermath of needing to release, let go and move forward, but our own emotional state hinders this process.  Using moldavite, the transformation of this energy can bring you out of sadness and fear and transform the emotional state into something more powerful and joyous.

The physical impact of this stone can range from a gentle tingling while one holds it in their hand that spreads throughout the body to what is called the Moldavite Flush of heat spreading throughout one’s body.  Those finding themselves lightheaded may find holding a piece of moldavite an indication of needing to do some grounding.

Some of the other uses of this stone is to curtail cynicism, increase physical stamina and keeping it on your person you will likely find an increase in synchronicities.  Because of the celestial origins of this marvelous stone, it should not be used for grounding purposes.  Moldavite is truly a stone from the heavens and not of this earth.

Chat Now With: Susan Speaks With Spirit

Chat Now With: Susan Speaks With Spirit

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  • I have been wearing Moldavite for over 4 years. I am very sensitive to spirit and I needed a fix. The spirits that had been around me all my life really were cruel and constantly upsetting me. They wouldn’t even let me sleep for days on end. When I got the Moldavite, (including all of them, 30 grams) the spirits continued to torture me, possess my body, etc. as usual. I had tried everything to make them leave me alone. But through all of this, I kept my Moldavite and plugged through it. Guru after Guru, practice after practice, I didn’t give up. Then I met a “Guru” who treated me as an equal instead of a student. She taught me everything I needed to know to protect myself from these horrible spirits. After knowing her for a year, those spirits are now gone. I sleep well, my life is more “normal” and the spirits who come now are friendly and fun to be around. I am now 41 years old and I finally have the peace I’ve prayed for all my life. We are now looking to adopt a baby. My relationship is stronger than ever and my peace is finally a reality! Moldavite is a MUST HAVE for anyone who struggles with unwanted spiritual activity.

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