The secret to a psychic reading and its amazing results!

A long standing client of mine has been suffering from a variety of emotional issues surrounding anxiety and how that affects her perceptions in day to day life, particularly in relationships.

After an initial psychic reading with her, it became clear to both of us that it didn’t matter what I saw or said about future outcomes, she was firmly planted in a realityDivine Messenger Zuco Card that saw no positive outcomes. Yet, she desperately wanted to believe that good things could indeed happen.

The trouble was that she was her own worst enemy. She imagined the worst and in turn misperceived anything around her as being negative. She saw no light, only darkness.

We made a lot of progress over a few months. Through our psychic reading sessions, we got to the point where she could be optimistic about the future, take chances, hope for the best and we began to see signs of things finally falling in place in her life. She was coming out of her shell, she was began to take a more balanced view of her surroundings, and how people reacted around her and to her. She was beginning to manifest that reality that she wanted in her life and not the one that she feared the most. There was amazing progress! She was happy, she was in control of her life finally. She was on the way to finally being free of her past.

Then something happened that she couldn’t manage easily. She gave up on what she knew; she went back to her old way of doing things and now perceived all of her gains as losses. She reverted back to how she used to do things.

In turn, every session from her previous psychic reading sessions that we had was rated very badly. She said somethings that were untrue in the ratings. Going so far as to say in them that she would ensure that any rating I received after that would be followed by one of hers to ensure that any of the “fake” ratings I received were kept in check with one of her own.

What I did was resist the urge to take it personally. I continued trying to communicate with her while this happened. After a week of back and forth emails, she came to the only conclusion that she could, which was that her fears had gotten the best of her again.

It was a hard lesson for her. She understood now. But during this tough period, I needed to be the focus of her rage for her a time in order for her to see that.

By keeping my cool, by not taking it all personally, by talking through the misunderstandings, by finding some common ground, the client in turn reversed all of the negative thinkingĀ and we are back to working things through, manifesting the reality that she wants and needs. This is what it means to be a real psychic reader. We are always there for our clients, like a best friend, no matter how mean or ugly things get.

I’m happy to say that she is where she needed to be all of this time, she’s light years ahead of where she was a year ago and is STILL a regular client to this day.

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