The Spiritual Guide To Expectations: Expecting less – Receiving more

Expecting less – Receiving more

As spiritual beings living the in the physical world; we are subject to the influences and factors of the world around us.

While we can certainly keep and should remain connected to our spiritual core or energy (and the connection to all) we do have to adjust that spiritual energy to be in harmony and alignment with the world and the society in which we are a part of. While we are all unique individuals, we are also a part of various different cultures, religions, beliefs and societal systems. And so we are placed in situations in which we do have compromise or adhere to certain protocols that which our mainstream society deems appropriate.

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Just as most humans work, because our society requires the exchange of money to purchase those things necessary to our survival. And while we are neither suggesting nor encouraging that we compromise our highest self, path or purpose for a belief held by others, we do have to learn to balance and be realistic.

Our society in general and all but perhaps a few very isolated or extremely radical societies have placed “expectations” as being a priority, important to our happiness and in securing our place among others. Especially in the last 50 years, expectations of what denotes for example success, beauty or even happiness is constantly upheld in the media, advertising and even how we are often raised from children. So we are in general humanity or a collective that places extreme emphasis on “expectations” rather than hope or allowing for more freedom of expression, exchanges and what we achieve and again “expect” from self and from others.

Expectations can be a violation of our true spiritual nature. When we expect a specific reaction or outcome, we are setting ourselves and others up for the greater possibility of disappointment and even rejection. Expectations usually are quite limited and leave little room for options or alternatives. When we “expect” another person to react or behave in a very specific manner, we then set ourselves up for only that potential, and thus anything less or even different is often perceived as less or disappointing when in reality we may actually acquire or be given a greater gift than what we had expected.

Expectations leave little room or margin for the potential of a vast array of encounters, experiences and reactions that again, by definition limit self and therefore limit our life and that of those within our life. Therefore when we begin to just expect, which expectations are always built on specific and detailed emotions, reactions or actions, we generally end up receiving much less than if we simply allowed for a variety of reactions or actions.

woman-400574_1280Expectations can be damaging to our spiritual beings as they often project our energy -therefore our perceived reaction onto another human, who may have a very different approach, outlook or way of communicating. Most of us have had the experience for example of wanting to “surprise” someone with a party or perhaps an outing, something we would surely enjoy. Only to find that the expected reaction was nothing as expected. Or perhaps we expected a loved one to react emotionally to our sharing something personal and instead they seemed uncomfortable or uncertain of how to respond. This is also created by expectations and even the energy of what expectation itself communicates to others. Try telling someone they are just going to “cry” when they hear or see something and it almost becomes impossible for that person to shed a tear. That is explained because they are being forced or the attempt is being made to force a reaction that may exist, but becomes extinguished due to the nature of expectations.

Because our physical world and life is almost built on expectations; it can be quite challenging to learn to pull back and to prevent you from falling into the constant trap of expecting a specific, but rather offering up the freedom for expression and the potential for all reactions. When we learn to expect less, we generally receive more.

Expectations become smaller and smaller, more defined until it’s as though we are asking another spiritual being to define their self in a very small, pre-cut box, rather than simply asking that person to share their energy, ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

While there are of course times when expectations are necessary and can serve our highest good; such as expecting to be treated fairly and without bias. Even that expectation leaves room for interpretation rather than to expect that a boss, a friend or a co-worker employs or takes very specific actions to prove unbiased or open energy.

So the next time you are preparing to interact, to share or to be a part of someone else’s world. Stop and ask if you have allowed or pushed yourself into setting both or all up for an “expected” response or reaction, and instead set those or that aside and be open to all that is possible to be shared, you will most likely find that the transmission of energy is higher, and you receive much more than you “expected”

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