The Truth Behind Friday the 13th

A few times a year, the 13th of the month falls on a Friday. On this day, you always seem to find some people extra cautious or fearful. They might decide that it is better to spend the day in bed rather than risk going outside or blame an incident of bad luck on the day itself. And they might be right, because more accidents happen on Friday the 13th than a regular day of the year. So is it a coincidence or not?

Let’s talk about the spiritual meaning of Friday the 13th and why this day has gotten so much extra attention. So you can finally decide whether this day should be auspicious for you or not.


Most of the time people love the idea of Fridays: the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. What’s not to love? Well many people actually believe that that the day is not lucky, becuase it has associated in history with bad events. This was the day that Jesus was believed to be crucified. Adam and Eve were also said to have been expelled from the Garden of Eden. These two big events have caused some religions to see this day as possibly unlucky.

The big “but” comes in here though. According to astrology, Friday is associated with the planet Venus. The planet is associated with pleasant things like love, friendship, art, and even a little indulgence.  So what are we to believe, history or astrology?


The Number “13”

Historically, the number “13” has been associated with bad luck. Hindus believe it to be bad luck when 13 people gather. The Vikings have an ancient myth that one day 12 gods were dining together and having a great time when a 13th god, the god of chaos walked in and turned the event into a disastrous event.

Astrology also has a special relationship with “13.” The number is associated with endings and transitions, but not necessarily in a bad context, became sometimes as we all know it can be good when an event comes to an end. There are also 13 full moons in a year, which is considered unlucky for a few reasons. Having 13 moons a year and only 12 months on the calendar created a conflict and was believed to be an auspicious change that was associated with evil.

It seems to be that the number “13” isn’t necessarily a great sign.

So bad luck or not? 

Now knowing the history and astrology behind the holiday, it seems to be that the fear behind the day might not have so much holding. But what explains all of the extra accidents? Possibly the fact that there is more anxiety on this day, which can actually lead to more accidents than usual.

So the next time Friday the 13th comes around, try to take the day into stride and possibly even own the day. You can even try to look at it in the opposite way; by finding the lucky or good things that happen to you throughout the day.

P.S. We have a fun fact for you. Some Spanish speaking nations believe Tuesday the 13th to be an unlucky day. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the meaning behind that date now?


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