How to Thrive in a Long Distance Relationship

How can you deal with long distance relationships to make them work? As hard as it may be to imagine, long-distance relationships can be extremely successful!

Did you know that about 14 million couples in the United States are in a long distance relationship? And of those 14 million couples, 3.75 million of them are married? The statistics show that a long distance love has become very common and quite possible in today’s extremely connected world.

If you and your partner are just starting out a long distance relationship or have been doing it for quite some time, here are some golden rules and advice on how to make a long distance relationship work.


1. Map Out the Future Together 

Discuss with your significant other your future and make sure that your goals are aligned with each other. If you and your partner agree that your relationship is filled with love and trust then a long distance love could be a great option

Before you guys move apart or the next time you see your partner, plan together the best relationship for you guys. Talk about your schedules and determine a time that works best to talk to each other on the phone every day. And if your situation permits, try to set up a date for the next time you guys are going to see each other.


2. The Golden Rule- Talk Everyday You Can

Successful long distance relationships are generally a result of good communication. You and your loved one may be a great distance apart from each other, but the space seems to grow smaller when you feel connected to their everyday life. Find times as often as you can to talk to each other. A great conversation isn’t just talking to one another on the phone; try mixing it up by text messaging, Facebooking, or even sending a selfie every now and then.

An exclusive bonus to people in long distance relationships reports Dry. Crystal Jiang is that, “Long-distance couples try harder than geographically close couples in communicating affection and intimacy, and their efforts do pay back.”

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3. Don’t Forget About the Physical

Talking about intimacy shouldn’t be the elephant in the room. Removing the physical aspect of your relationship can be quite trying for certain relationships. Try discussing together how best to handle not being physically intimate. You can try steamy video calls, erotic messages, or other ways to keep your physical connection strong. At the end of the day, the important thing is that you are comfortable with whatever method you decide on.


4. Strengthen Your Emotional Bonds

You guys committed to a make a long distance relationship work, but how do you make sure you resist temptation? It’s important to remind yourself that you chose to be in this relationship, because of how strongly you feel for your partner. Try keeping something close to you at all times to serve as a reminder such as a piece of jewelry they gave you, a teddy bear sprayed with their cologne or perfume, or a photo of you guys together on your desk or nightstand.


5. Find Fun Activities

As time goes on in a long distance relationship, the two of you may encounter a point where you feel quite distant after not seeing one another for some time. Try finding fun activities that you can do apart such as watching a movie while on the phone with each other or sending love letters through snail mail. Many couples also report finding success when they set a goal together. You and your partner can take on a new goal like reading a book or starting a new fitness challenge. Your desire to finish the book or meet the new fitness goals will be that much stronger knowing that your loved one is participating and cheering you on.



6. The Great Meet Up

You may find that the two of you spend a significant part of your time talking about the great moment when you will be reunited and if you do, that’s normal and wonderful! The big bonus about a long term relationship is that the reunions are especially sexy and exciting. Having something to look forward to is really important in a long distance relationship. If travelling to each other is too expensive, try finding a half-way city to meet. Start a countdown, plan activities that you will do together, and get excited! The time that you guys will spend together, even if it may be shorter than you really want, will be forever cherished.


These are just some long distance relationship tips, but every couple is different. If you would like to receive more guidance about if your long distance relationship can work, click here to chat with our top ranked love and relationship psychics today.


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