Top 5 Food Tips to Help Transform Your Spirit & Psychic Gifts!

Many people do not attend to their own nourishment. We go on day to day concerned with our finances and daily stresses; ignoring our own health and spiritual growth. We forget the present moment. To be in the present we must embrace our breath, enjoy our food with gratefulness and respect and nourish our spirits.


By Guillermina Galvan

This is the time to respect the body you are given, awaken your spirit, and go beyond the limits set out by yourself or others. Taking care of your spirit and body can be a reflection of your own love. My Master once said, “To become love is to be enlightened.” So let us love ourselves and nourish ourselves with knowledge.

One way of nourishment for the spirit and body is through meditation. Some form of meditation should be a constant in your own life (Reiki, Diksha, meditation, long walks in silence, surfing — whatever it is for you) along with some form of training that helps develop the spirit such as SunDo, Yoga, Tai Qi, Ba Gua and Qi Gong (to name a few). These practices help release the stress from the routines of our life and remind us how to breathe. They also can bring a sense of appreciation to our lives and our environment, thereby raising our spirit. Try to find the meditation, exercise and foods that resonate with your body and spirit to help it grow, heal and awaken. How we nourish our bodies through food can elevate our spirit and attune our gifts.

Food should not be looked at as merely an appetizing dish or something that fills your stomach. Food is medicine for your spiritual development! Every meal that we attend and consume decides a little more of what’s to come in our life. The nourishment we give to our body can help us fulfill our destiny. In the beginning of our lives, the amount of jing (life energy) we have is dictated by what type of energy and health that both of our parents had at the point of our conception. So from our conception and through childhood, it is our parents or caregiver’s job to nourish us. However, as we become adults it becomes solely our own responsibility.

Even if we are born with a000012818068Smallilments, we can help heal ourselves, and with the correct healthcare practitioner assistance, we can reach our optimum health capacity. It is important to remember that every guide you have in your life should be someone you resonate with, from your favorite psychic or spiritual coach to your healthcare practitioner. All should also be working on their own spiritual growth, for it can only help you to be around others who wish to evolve such as yourself. And, regardless of our age or health, we can always work on raising our spirit, strengthening our own gifts and finding clarity.

Most of my clients and patients who come to me are not happy with something going on, either in their body, spirit, or lives. They want to elevate their spirit to higher levels to help in all aspects of their life. One of the greatest ways I help them is by teaching them how to nourish themselves.

When we are born we may learn how to take in food but we are rarely taught how we can actually eat to help ourselves be stronger, healthier, and able to receive clearer messages through our spirit. Certain foods taint our psychic abilities and spiritual growth. This can cause false images that can come into our dreams, visions in meditation or through other gifts. As we are all born with gifts, some much stronger than others, it is our own job to help strengthen them and bring clarity to what is truth. Here are the top five tips I give most of my clients & patients that are looking to help bring clarity to visions and strengthen their spirit. These tips help them heal, raise their spirit, and help their health (please check with your healthcare practitioner before attempting any diet change):

  1. Leave Space. Never reach over 80% full (finishing the meal with a little bit of hunger still present is the goal). When we overeat the food becomes more difficult to digest causing more stress on our bodies creating a slower healing rate. When our body feels sluggish our visions/dreams may become as well.
  2. Chew your food. Chew every bite of food 30-50 times. Even if it’s a liquid, swish it around a few times in your mouth. Most people do not chew food well. This is the beginning of the digestion process and when the food is not chewed well it causes stress on the stomach and spleen, which in turn can cause problems with digestion and it can also injure other organs’ energies as well. In Eastern philosophy the spleen is associated to a spirit energy that affects thought and anxiety. Keeping the mind clear helps keep our spirit and gifts clear.
  3. Eat Slowly. After you swallow each bite, take time to rest before the next bite. In Eastern medicine, the spleen is in charge of transporting and transforming food within the body, so remember to treat it with respect. It takes a while for food to digest, sometimes we do not realize we are full and we keep eating. When we eat slower we are able to notice how much we are really eating and how close to full we truly are. Most meals should take you at LEAST 30 minutes to eat, but it is best if it is around one hour. Emotionally eating rapidly can cause anxiety. Physically this can cause problems with losing weight. Spiritually this can cause us to overlook our true intuition.
  4. Moderation. This means never eat the same thing every day. For example, from eating eggs and/or oatmeal every day for breakfast. There must be a variety in your diet, eating the same thing makes this product become difficult to digest as well as energetically too much of one thing is not good. Overeating of one product can induce images in our dreams and visions that relate to the foods we are eating instead of receiving the visions that are more precognitive. Balance and moderation are key to helping enhance our spirit and strengthen our body.
  5. Sugar. Sugar is overeaten by so many, it is found in almost all pre-made foods from high fructose corn syrup to refined sugar , organic cane sugar, and brown sugar, just to name a few. It is important to know what kind of sugar you are eating and the quantity you are taking in. Most breads have sugar in them so keep this in mind when you are tallying up how much sugar you consume. The only sugar that I recommend to my patients and clients is sugar that is naturally occurring from fruits to organic honey. This includes the use of sugar substitutes which are not necessarily as good as the commercials say they are — stay informed. If you chose to use Stevia, make sure it is raw, naturally occurring and not refined. Processed sugar very much numbs the psychic senses.

The energy that we have from day to day and the speed at which we recover and heal from issues that are physical, mental, and spiritual are rooted within the foods we eat and how we take care of ourselves. If nothing else, learn to take your time with your food, enjoy it, be grateful for it, and never dishonor your own body by the way you eat. For the way you eat can transform your spirit and your gifts.

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  • It’s interesting to think of food in this perspective. It’s very true that what we eat largely affects how we feel about ourselves and our surroundings. I’m glad the article mentions sugar because it really is eaten at a very high rate. I’m definitely going to start paying more attention to this and following your tips. It never hurts to try something that could help my spirit!

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