What Everyone Ought To Know About What Numerology Says For 2015

The 8 year in numerology is generally known as the year of power.  It manifests energy on the material plane for the most part, but also addresses one’s personal spiritual grown.  There is very little grey area energetically in 2015.  The energy of the 8 year can go one of two ways; either to the positive or the negative.

By: Susan Speaks with Spirit

By: Susan Speaks with Spirit

On the positive side it is a year of personal empowerment development.  The road seems clear to those with direct and specific goals in mind.  It is a year that brings prosperity to those who focus on business.  It also brings prosperity and growth in the spiritual aspects of life.  It starts with the surprising realization that we have very little influence over anyone but ourselves.  With that realization we are able to let go of the ‘what if’s’ and certain expectations of others in our life.  With those expectations put into a place of “I have no power or influence over this or this person” we can begin to focus on what we can influence and change:  Ourselves.  In this goal, the energy of 2015 promises great growth as it approached with expectations in check.

In terms of finance, it is a good year of growth.  We can expect that our efforts are met commensurately with our income.   It is also a year that is ideal to enact those projects we have been mulling over in terms of business.  Those with a personal numerology 1 year should especially begin those new projects as in conjunction with an overall 8 year it is a particularly propitious time.

As the 8 year plainly expresses its energy on the material plane, we can expect to see country economies grow unless leaders fall into the more negative aspects of the 8 year.

Now, on to the more negative aspects of the 8 year.  Among the more negative energies of 2015 will be greed, superiority and anger.  Those countries and people who fall into these energies can expect to find a lot of frustration in making headway to repair or grow.  Although the energy is conducive to great grown, particularly in the material, the world of business can be a very cold and competitive place.  However, with those expectations in their proper place, these aspects can be managed.  For example:  Some might try to take short-cuts in their business in order to earn money faster or earn better than competitors.  As a result of cutting corners, the product quality suffers and there is failure and frustration.  This is not a year to compete with others, rather to focus on your own projects and business.  Continue your work with practicality and do not allow jealousy or yearning of other’s success break your focus goals.

On a spiritual level the negative aspects can have even greater consequences.  Falling into anger, superiority and contradictory emotions instead of doing the work necessary on the emotional level can lead to pain, insecurity and failure of relationships.  It is important to keep ego from becoming over-inflated and self-important at our initial successes in both spiritual and material planes.  This can lead to a false sense of security which will certainly see the harsh light of reality in the 8 year.

To all the readers of this blog:  I wish you a most prosperous New Year of 2015.

Chat Now With: Susan Speaks with Spirit

Chat Now With: Susan Speaks with Spirit

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