What is Astral Projection?

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Ask most people to describe astral projection and they’ll come up with an answer that involves new age thinking, crystals and magic wands. It is one of the most commonly misunderstood meditative practices. Many people think it is impossible, that we can’t leave our bodies and travel to other places. Yet we do just that every night when we dream, do we not?

While both the terminology and the definition vary depending on who you ask, astral projection can be boiled down to the act of allowing your spirit roam free while your body remains in one place. It can be argued that our mind and spirit are essentially linked. Every night, when you dream, your mind travels to different landscapes while your body remains planted comfortably in your bed at home.

Of course, astral projection can go much deeper than just dreaming. Some say they’ve been able to send their essence to real places in real time, checking in on their children miles away or visiting a museum they’ve never seen in real life. Whether you believe in it or not, astral projection has a long history in numerous different cultures.

Astral Projection throughout time and culture

The roots of the idea of astral projection date all the way back to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that the ka, the body’s spirit, could step just outside the body. While this is a long way from traveling across the continent, it illustrates that the belief of the spirit as a separate entity from the body has a rich history.

During Biblical times, several authors of the Bible wrote about the astral plane as well as a silver cord connecting our spirit to our body. Islamic mysticism also believe that Muhammad traveled through astral planes.

Eastern philosophies explore astral projection more in depth. The Chinese, Japanese and Indian cultures all have practices that involve out-of-body experiences. While the Indian cultures view it as a way of deepening your spirituality, the Japanese believe that you can actually leave your body to scare the living daylights out of your enemies. To be fair, they also believe that the spirit leaves the body during times of sickness for far less nefarious purposes.

Debunking the myths behind astral projection

Of all the spiritual and meditative practices, astral projection seems to have the strangest myths surrounding it. One popular misconception is that you can end up getting lost and lose the “path” back to your body. If this occurs, rumors say that your body will go into a vegetative state while your spirit wanders the astral plane forever. This simply isn’t true. At least, there have never been any accounts to prove it.

Another strange myth is that when your spirit leaves your body, it opens it up for possession. Let’s look at that one another way: do you worry about someone moving into your house when you leave for work? Your car when you park it to go into the grocery store? Your body has its own ways of protecting itself from invaders.

The bottom line: astral projection is a safe way to explore a higher level of spirituality, to embark on new journeys or just to relax and get away from it all…including your own body. It takes a lot of practice, but once you accomplish it, you’ll keep finding new ways to enjoy it.

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