What is Kasamba?

logo_Kasamba3Kasamba is the web’s premiere destination for psychic advice. We’re dedicated to connecting you with the finest and most talented psychics on the Web. Our top-rated Tarot readers, astrologers, fortune tellers and psychics have years of experience and the positive user reviews to prove it. You can feel comfortable and confident knowing that your reading will provide powerful answers to all your deepest questions. Let our psychics help you find your way through life.

Kasamba, originally founded in 1999, was bought by LivePerson in 2007. The name was changed to LivePerson Experts and, with the help of LivePerson.com, we were able to add many new features such as phone capabilities, free minutes and discount codes. After time, the Spirituality & Religion category of the LivePerson Experts site became so popular that we decided it was time to give it it’s own home and what better way than to go back to our old name – Kasamba.

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