What NOT to Expect During a Full Moon


rhiannon_pailleAuthor: Rhiannon Paille

The full moon is a phenomenon often touted for its unexpected occurrences, shape-shifting mythologies and paranormal occurrences. While the full moon in popular culture has rooted itself firmly into our belief systems, the actual energetic influences of a full moon have been forgotten. The full moon is the culmination of a cycle, marking the end of the waxing cycle and the beginning of the waning cycle. During a full moon, the moon appears opposite the sun. If you remember your aspects in astrology you’ll know that opposites are not a good thing, and during full moons, the sun and the moon are definitely at odds with one another. It can be difficult to decipher these subtle recurring energies, especially since no two full moons are the same. Here are some things that will not happen during a full moon.


Unexpected ideas or projects being added to your plate

While the full moon has been rumored to be the bearer of unexpected occurrences, it is unlikely that you will begin anything new during a full moon. The full moon energy is more likely to have you cleaning out a storage closet, tying up loose ends, or completing a project you’ve been working on for a while. The key to a full moon is endings, fulfillment, and success.

Unexpected progress in relationships

I’ve heard of people acting weirder than usual during the full moon, doing things like professing their undying love or kissing people they didn’t mean to kiss, but let’s be real, a full moon isn’t going to make you feel something you didn’t previously feel. Alcohol might have that effect, but a full moon is about completing what has already been manifested. So if you were bottling up feelings, it is possible for those emotions to come out during a full moon.

Awakening to your spiritual side

While the full moon always seems to be the blame of paranormal activity, it is unlikely that you will be able to experience a clear awakening during a full moon. The opposition between the moon and the sun puts your emotions at risk, the moon representing your deeper emotions and the sun representing your personality. When these two major bodies are at odds with one another it’s actually more difficult for you to have spiritual clarity. You are more likely to feel pulled in two different directions during the full moon than you are to have a spiritual awakening.

Anything on the Other Side visiting you

Again, paranormal activity is actually more difficult to achieve during the full moon. There is only one time of the year when the veil is so thin that it’s easier for the other side and other worlds to bleed through to Earth and that’s Samhain, November 1st, also better known as Halloween.

The best way you can handle the full moon is to treat it with respect. Be sure you’re not harboring emotions (in case you kiss someone who might not be ready for it), or are behind on projects (because that full moon is bound to make you pull an all-nighter.) Don’t spend your time wigging out about the other side and you should be able to live through the next full moon unscathed. The next full moon hits July 12th, traveling through Capricorn, making you focus on what’s important.

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