What to Expect During the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 8th, 2014

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October has a lot going on astrologically. Not only are we in for another run of Mercury retrograde which within itself seems to cause a whole lot of headaches and miscommunications, but we also have two eclipses, the first of which falls on October 8, 2014.

This eclipse falls in thMoone sign of Aries at 16 degrees so those of you who are born mid-Aries will feel the effects of this eclipse most. It could herald the beginning of something new in your life, although it could also herald the start of (as eclipses tend to do) something not so great.

This rule applies generally across the board in that eclipses are like a tidal wave of energetic force within your life and seem to have a mind all of their own. They touch everyone’s lives and seem to cause a fair degree of havoc when they occur. Of course, something positive may happen for you around this time but forewarned is forearmed and you may just like to have your life in order, as far as this is possible, and be ready to sidestep if anything negative comes your way.

The October 8 eclipse is also being triggered by the unpredictable energy of Uranus as it falls conjunct the degree this eclipse takes place. Think emotions being unpredictable, erratic, manic, and out of control, and as Uranus is about anything other than “control,” don’t try to tame this energy down as you’ll probably find yourself in more of a mess than if you just go with the flow.

On the bright side, there is the distinct possibility that you will have flashes of insight and may come into contact with people who are truly inspiring when you least expect it. Something that you hear around this time or are thinking to do may just all fall into your lap without explanation and you then have the choice to run with it further down the line.

Adding onto this possibility are Mars and Jupiter, which are trining (forming a 120 degree angle) to the eclipse and Uranus. All are in fire signs which means spontaneity, passion, and excitement alongside the prospects of something new coming into your life or the urge for you to launch a new chapter in your life that is possibly foreign to you in concept but nonetheless is something you are being urged to do.

A few days after the eclipse takes place, around October 13, Venus (which is traveling through its home sign Libra) will also be in opposition to Uranus and the degree the eclipse took place in Aries. This is a time to watch what is happening in your love life because although you may be running with the energy of the eclipse in Aries (a sign which is about the “me”), a few days later Venus will bring it all back to you and make that energy about the “us.”

October 8, 2014 could be about more balancing acts than you realize, so be ready to take a few tumbles, pick yourself up and carry on in expectation of the next eclipse on October 23, 2014, which is another story entirely!

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