The essential tips to taking control of your spiritual life

Are you writing your spiritual life story, or reading what others create?

As spiritual beings that by definition have the right and an entire universe in which to create our own life story, it is difficult to comprehend how so many are living the a life via someone else’s script. My guides refer to our free will and choice as the blank sheet of paper that an author uses to compose a bestselling novel or perhaps a movie script. Yet with all that we are empowered with, all the potential paths, why would one simply choose to be a passive reader rather than the director or creator?

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Often in times of crucial decisions, crossroads and chaos, we feel the need to retreat and turn to a good book or movie to help take our minds off a current situation. And although entertainment for the sake of pleasure is one of the many benefits of this human life, it was never intended to be the way in which we live OUR spiritual life.

An author, director or producer knows that no matter the simplicity or difficulty of the project at hand, unforeseeable and often unexpected events are going to occur. But as they say in the theatre; “the show must go on” and such is certainly true with life and all the unexpected events we deal with often on a daily basis.

And though the job at hand can be a bit overwhelming it is also overflowing with the possibilities and potential of creating the life we desire and deserve. There is no other than can write, direct or enact our spiritual life story as in creating it ourselves. Who has the highest stakes when it comes to the beginning, the middle or the development of the characters as we travel along life’s journey? We always hold the power but too often we allow the power to be passed along, given away or we simply end up “signing over the rights” without fully understanding the price we may ultimately pay.

Although the passive approach to allowing others, our work, family loved ones or even just the variety of circumstances faced to define us seems appealing. In truth it lacks integrity, honor and all the joy that comes from knowing we are or have created the life we live. Yes we will certainly make mistakes and although “editing” is not as simple as the literary author, we can virtually at any time change the sequence of events, turn the page to a new beginning or take an unforeseen twist that once again reminds us of our right to create and manifest our spiritual life as we envision such to be.

As humans we are often quick to allow the past to control our present and be a reflection for our future. Yet how many times have we read a riveting story or watched an action or drama film that both surprised and kept us in suspense until the very end? And how often did our initial projection of where the story may go actually turn out correct? Perhaps it happens, but we also have the choice to write our spiritual life story as predictable or unpredictable, the significance is in WHO is writing and if we are truly the creators of what lies ahead.


When we allow our spiritual life story to be written by the influences of others, events that define us and assumptions that limit, we are no longer truly writing our story and therefore we are not exercising our spiritual and creative rights. We all have equality in what lies within the future, miracles are not biased other that we must believe and amazing good fortune can be just as likely as tragic endings.

We often use the argument that external forces cannot be neutralized or changed by our own desires or intended outcomes. And that can be true. And while living as humans there is a certain amount of circumstances; perhaps fate, destiny or just the vibration of that which cannot be changed. We can and always have the power and the right to change our reaction, therefore our “character” can become stronger through those unchangeable forces or we can fall victim and succumb to such forces either way we still have the choice of the role we play.

As my guides teach us as doe’s Universal law, there is much more to be changed or shifted then that which is set to stone or so Karmic as to be a superior influence over the creation we compose of our lives’.

Sometimes the only difference between the author versus the reader is that next page, that which is yet to be and whether we are willing to take a risk on our self, or leave the details to the universe. The universe is a forgiving and immense space of energy and enlightenment, however it relies on us to create what we reach for and what we bring back as our own unique story and/or experience.

If we consider the immense variation of topics and experiences we enjoy via all forms of reading or media, what is pleasing or relaxing one day may seem totally dull or out of character for us the next. And our spiritual life is written, created and then lived in much the same way. It’s never too late to begin your story; regardless of the past and in spite of the present the future is the gift we all are blessed with.

But if your “paper” is still blank, then you are choosing to let life define you rather than you defining your spiritual life. And yes there will be sad times and hard times and times of unimaginable joy. And even room for the unexpected twists and turns surprises as you create your spiritual life and write your story. And there is never any competition for the starring role, for when we truly own our spiritual life and create that which we live, we are always the hero, perhaps sometimes the villain or martyr but we are always the creator who decided. We always choose if not what we are, then surely who we are and what we are and most important, we can create our spiritual life from moment to moment or day to day. It is our spiritual birthright and as humans, the gift of free will allows us to define our spiritual life and the roles we play within that life.

So before you become just a character that makes a cameo appearance, ask yourself how you are living this life and what will be the next chapter as you create and live the life you have written.

Author or reader? We always have the choice to choose…

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